How To Fold A Dragon

How To Fold A Dragon. On the other side, start over but. Once finished kids can open and close their dragon eye.

Origami Dragon In Progress from

Fold the sides of the middle section in towards the centre. Continue making small folds across the towel. This is the head of the dragon, with a little horn.

Learn How To Fold An Origami Dragon With Instruction By Ancella Simoes.

Begin folding with the patterned side of the paper face up. Fold over about an inch across one edge of the long side of the wing towel the big dragon and the majestic dragon use hand towels for the wings. 20 tear along the indicated line.

Open One Side Of The Diamond Shape, And Fold Up Its Bottom End, A Bit On The Side, And Flatten Again.

Fold back up the end. All you need is a square piece of paper. These will later act as the dragon's arms.

Fold Down The Diamond Shape.

John heighway discovered this curve that is sometimes called the heighway dragon. Fold down the tips of the arms to make the dragons claws. On the other side, start over but.

Then Hold The Dragon And Open This Fold Slowly By Pulling It Just Hold The Neck And Tail And Slowly Pull It.

If you ever get confused during these steps, you can refer to my video. It's a horn on the dragon's head. Fold again the point of the point in the inside.

Fold Toward The Exterior, And Still Inside, The Point Of This End.

Learn how to fold an origami dragon with us! 16 fold the top down. Fold in the inside one of the end of the two last folds.