Fancy Ways To Fold A One Sided Handkerchief

Fancy Ways To Fold A One Sided Handkerchief. It should now be in the shape of a triangle. It should form a third tip together with the first two.

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See more ideas about handkerchief folding, handkerchief, pocket square. All of the folds shown below can be performed on any of the mens handkerchiefs that we sell. Lay your handkerchief flat on a clean surface.

Then Flip It Over And Fold A Corner Down To Form A Square Shape.

Fold handkerchiefs in a way that is s. Fold the handkerchief in half along the diagonal and iron the handkerchief flat. Fold the top corner of the handkerchief downwards to form an envelope

Let’s Get Right To It.

Fold one corner of the bandana under until its tip is about 5 inches away from the opposite corner. One corner up fold lay the handkerchief down on a hard flat surface. Fold the other corner of the handkerchief towards the center overlapping the fold in step 2.

Don’t Worry If You Don’t Get It First Time.

How to:fold a handkerchief into a pocket square. So, you should have a rectangle shape hank now. The secret sanitary hanky folding method.

A Pocket Square Is The Perfect Accessory To Make You Stand Out From The Crowd.

My handkerchief folding technique has a simple aim: Fold a handkerchief by folding each corner of the handkerchief towards the center and leaving one corner out that will stick out from the suit pocket. Lay the handkerchief down on a hard, flat surface.

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Fold the other corner halfway toward the center. Once you have your pocket square, fold it in half again. That will be your starting point to create the classic and elegant fold.