Dollar Heart Origami

Dollar Heart Origami. Sometimes, an existing diagram can be easily converted into a money model. Fold inward the four corners to shape the origami heart!

Dollar Bill Origami Heart with Flower FaVe Mom from

Dollar bill origami heart fast & easy. If you like to leave cash in a card, birthday, grad. Flip the dollar bill to the other side.

Fold The Bottom Edge Of The Dollar Bill To The Back Side About 1/4 Inch, Or At The Top Of.

You can use any denomination of money for it, too. Then, flip the dollar bill over. My video takes way longer to explain than do.

Flip The Dollar Bill To The Other Side.

A dollar bill heart origami is a fun way to give a gift of money as it can be made with a bill of any amount. Fold an origami heart out of a dollar bill (or several) for a unique spin on giving a monetary gift. Or 10 dollar bill origami, or 100 dollar bill.

Another Way To Use An Origami Heart Is For A Sweet Bookmark.

The first thing to do is to to crease the dollar bill thrice. Fold inward the four corners to shape the origami heart! As its name suggests, this type of origami uses money instead of paper.

In This Video I Will Show How To Make A Very Simple Dollar Heart.

Do this on the left side and the right side. *for this tutorial, the dollar bill’s back is shown in the illustrations. Simple instruction for origami dollar heart 1.

Bring The Outer Edge Of The Dollar Bill To Center To Meet The Recent Fold You Completed In The Previous Step.

You should never glue or staple a dollar bill because that is illegal. I found this tutorial here and have enjoyed making the hearts. Other times, because of the shape of money, new sequences of steps are needed before money can be folded into a $ origami model.