How To Make A Dinosaur Out Of Paper

Permanent marker to draw on the eyes optional you could stick on small googly eyes or paint them on if you prefer Dinosaur shape templates to get your free template enter your details in the box provided. Cut the diplodocus shapes out and glue to the back of the paper plate.

Origami How To Make A Dinosaur Out Of Paper Video Lesson Quickcrafter Paper Video Origami Make A Dinosaur

Crease the paper in half.

How to make a dinosaur out of paper. Cut some newspaper in little pieces and them make a mixture with the glue and the water approximately 1 of glue to 4 of water. I used a PVA glue named Resistol 850 Profesional. Emerge the paper in the mixture and then put it on the dino.

Fold the right corner over to meet the left corner. I tried to sh. Position a sheet of square origami paper directly in front of you so that it looks like a diamond with one corner at the top and one at the bottom.

Give them the picture or your phone with the picture on it and explain what they will be doing. Two of these stirps will be the headband and the other 2 will be cross pieces that you will attach your spikes to. Httpsbitly33SNrhK Origami DinosaurIn this tutorial ill teach you to make this epic paper dinosaur.

Adding Cardboard spikes to the paper mache dinosaur. Then I spread the paper mache clay all over and let it dry for 2 day. Cut the dinosaur out of the black construction paper.

Paint it and allow to dry. Cut the dinosaur out and trace onto black construction paper with a white crayon. Peel the backing paper off of the contact paper and stick your dinosaur outline onto it see picture of step 3.

Cardboard tubes one toilet roll per dinosaur or one paper towel roll cut in half will make two dinosaurs Scissors. Prepare a pair of scissors a pencil or a pen and cardboard. This toilet paper roll dinosaurs project will help you transform trash into toys for an awesome prehistoric playtime.

This part is a little boring but do not give up. Print out our dinosaur template. I made another one out of a cardboard box it is better but not so bright.

Subscribe for more amazing videos. Cut out the middle of the dinosaur leaving approximately 12 of the outside intact. Adding teeth and eye details made from air dry clay to the paper mache dinosaur.

Print the diplodocus template onto a sheet of coloured card stock in the same or a similar colour to your paper plate. Show your kids the picture so they can see what they are building. First cut 4 strips about 1 wide along the long side of a sheet of paper.

To do the skin you can use some newspaper with white glue and water. Look up pictures of that dinosaur and then look for pictures of the skeleton. I made one dinosaur out of thick plastic inside it is porous.

Raid your recycle bin for a day of crafty fun. Discard the center you just cut out. Cut the excess contact paper.

Draw the body legs and spikes of dinosaur. Youll need 3 sheets of green construction paper a glue stick scissors and tape. Toilet paper rolls are a craft time staple for pretty much every preschool parent I know and with good reason.

Next let your kids try to build it on their own. Use a piece of kitchen sponge cut into a shape to decorate the dinosaur Ive used an irregular oval shape.

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