How To Fold A Paper Into A Heart

You can write a love message on a square piece of notebook paper and fold it into a heart for your Valentine. Your Sheet of Paper.

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Fold the right hand side up vertically.

How to fold a paper into a heart. This part is a bit tricky because you have to make the fold without disrupting the small triangles made in step 2 3. Fold the left half upwards so that its right edge lines up with the center crease. Origami Heart Craft How To Fold A Square Paper Into A Heart Step By Step Origami Instruction.

Start with a square piece of paper 3in x 3 in8cm x 8cm placed diagonally on the table top. Starting at the fold mark us a pair of scissors to cut out half of a heart shape. Fold the top point to the middle crease.

Depending on the size of the paper itll be like folding your paper into thirds. Take the right bunny ear and fold at an angle downwards. Fold up the left and right sides of the rectangle so the edge of the paper meet at the middle.

You can hide a tiny note inside the folds for a charming origami secret heart. Fold Top Left Hand Corner. Tuck the corner into the triangles pocket.

Valley fold the TP back up so the height of the toilet paper is about 3 inches tall. Fold up the bottom of the rectangle. Make the fold at approximately 13 of the way up.

I try to make sure to use as much of the paper as I can to cut down on waste. Next fold down the first layer of the triangle peak. Fold the right hand side of the paper aligning the edge with the bottom point of the diamond.

Fold the Paper Back. Fold your paper in half. Tuck the tip into the pocket.

Mountain fold fold behind the bottom corners of the TP to make the bottom part of the heart. Fold the bottom point all the way to the top. Repeat on the left side.

How to Make a Paper Heart. When you unfold the paper youll then half a full heart. Youll end up with two bunny ears up top.

You will now shape the heart by tucking the center flaps under. There should now be a crease going down the center of your narrowly folded paper. Repeat with the left side.

Start with an 85 x 11 sheet of paper. Fold the napkin in half again. Fold at the Center Crease.

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If you dont like the white look a love letter in red construction paper could also be folded thus for the same purpose. Fold the top point to the middle crease and open again. Fold the napkin in half.

Cut the paper in half and use one of the rectangles. Next fold the bottom right corner towards the center fold. Fold Top Right Hand Corner.

Fold the right half upwards so that its left edge lines up with the center crease. Creases Should Look Like This. Fold the paper in half crosswise then unfold it.

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