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Wikihou Turtle Origami. Fold bottom point up to meet top fold. If your piece of paper has a white side and a colored side, place the colored side face down on the table.

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That side will form the outer part of the whale. Origami eometry • ‘ike piko‘u (personal connection pathway): Since 2005, wikihow has helped billions of people learn how to solve problems large and small.

Repeat On Left Side To Meet Center Crease.

How to make an origami turtle. A good starting paper size to use is 15 in × 15 in (38 cm × 38 cm). In this post you can learn to make an origami turtle step by step.

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Step 3 fold the paper. Step by step beginner origami turtle. Then fold out both sides.

10 New Origami Hard How To Make An Origami Turtle With Wikihow From Origami Hard Source Wikihow Com A Very Origami Easy Easy Origami Dragon Origami Turtle.

Step 12) make an outside reverse fold along the dotted lines. Lay a square piece of origami paper on a flat surface. That side will form the outer part of the whale.

This Origami Turtle Is Very Easy To Make For Begginers With Paper.

Step 1 fold the paper in half. Fold popular origami like a paper heart, fortune teller, paper crane, and butterfly origami! Grab a sheet of paper.

Step 13) Fold The Top Flaps Of Paper Out Along The Dotted Lines.

There are many different times of frog origami. Easy simple paper heart (1:19) easy fortune teller (1:28) medium paper crane (3:49) medium origami flying bird (2:16) challenge origami butterfly (2:23) challenge origami turtle (1:41) 8 printable origami diagrams. Step 11) make a pleat fold along the dotted lines.