Tuxedo Pocket Square Fold

Tuxedo Pocket Square Fold. You’re ready to wear it. View 5 pocket square folding techniques.

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Fold in half (again), but this time from the right, bottom corners and bring it up to the left, top corners. Anna kuhn, jim's formal wear marketing coordinator, shows you five different methods of folding a pocket square to accompany your tuxedo or suit ensemble. Lay the pocket square on a flat surface facing down in a diamond view.

Remember, The Goal Is To Make Your Pocket Square The Perfect Finishing Touch, Not To Distract From The Rest Of Your Outfit.

For the most part, there are only two main rules when choosing your tuxedo pocket square colour. Fold the bottom about 2/3 of the way up to the top. Pocket squares are great because they add a little bit of extra flair to your suit or tuxedo without being over the top or too distracting.

Taking The Opposite Hand (That The Pocket Square Is Not In) Run The Pocket Square Through Your Thumb And Index Finger, Stopping Half Way Down And Holding It In Place.

Tuxedo fold card with tutorial using stampin up. Fold the remaining right side of the pocket square straight over to the left. Below we’ve listed 5 of the most common kinds of pocket square folds, and a little about what each means.

Finally, Fold It Vertically In Half One More Time.

View 5 pocket square folding techniques. A useful and classic fold if you want to add a more angular flair. Place the square in your pocket fold side down, sticking out a quarter of an inch from the pocket.

Lay The Pocket Square Of A Flat Surface Facing Upward.

Taking your hands, pinch the fabric in the center of the pocket square and lift up off the surface. The modern version we know today was predated. 4) flip the pocket square over so that the seams are now on the inside.

When You Wear A Tuxedo Dinner Jacket We Believe That It Is Essential To Wear A Pocket Square Even Though Technically You Could Skip It.

The “puff” fold (casual) step 1: Lay the pocket square on a flat surface facing down in a diamond view. Place the square in your pocket and voila!