Shuriken Origami Step

Shuriken Origami Step. For the left piece, fold the left side up, aligning it with the fold you made in the previous step. How to make a paper shuriken step 1:

Paper Ninja Star Instructions
Paper Ninja Star Instructions from

Click the row tab check specify height and set it to 3 for both sizes of notes. Fold the top right corner in and down. Take any one of the square papers and fold it in half and then unfold.

Fold The Top Half On Both Pieces.

Or just use origami paper. It wont fully reach the bottom left corner but cut of the excess. This is an origami ninja star shuriken.

Fold The Paper In Half And Unfold.

Ninja stars are a modular origami. Rip the paper in two (it is easier to book fold it first then cut with scissors) step 3: Fold the top edge down to the bottom edge.

Fold The Bottom Left Corner Up On The Pink Paper.

This will create a pyramid shape on the top. It's very cute and easy to make it and it looks so beautiful. There should be two squares on the sides.

Fold The Top Of The Paper Down On Both Sections.

Repeat the step on the bottom square. I hope you will like it 😃 *****than. Subscribe for more amazing videos!

Fold The Bottom Half Of Both Pieces.

This will form a crease along the middle of the square paper. How to make a paper shuriken step 1: Easy steps to make a paper knife.