Repeat Folding Origami

Repeat Folding Origami. Step 6 open one of the sides and flatten it to create a diamond shape. Then turn over and repeat.

Robby Kraft. Each time, the base reappears in the center and possible to repeat the piece a from

Step 8 fold the whole model in half (mountain fold) along the vertical. Use the creases made as a guide. Pull the corner from the yellow dot shown down to the other yellow dot then flatten it.

Fold The Left And Right Corners Of The Square Towards Its Center Line.

Fold a second dollar bill into a small thin strip and tuck it into. 3 focus on a diagonal crease indicated on the left side. At the same time, swing the back layer of paper (on the left side) towards the right.

Repeat The Same In Opposite Direction.

The origami bunny should now look like this. 2 fold the paper diagonally so that forms a triangle and then unfold. 1 fold the paper in half lengthwise so that it forms a rectangle shape.

Again, Repeat Step 6 Along The Yellow Dots As Shown.

Next, rotate the paper and repeat the process in the other direction. Turning one layer from the top of the model and one layer from the bottom of the model keeps the model evenly distributed. 2 kimono paper napkin folds and more.

The Booklet Contains 30+ Origami Models Created By Alessandro Beber Before 2013.

Flatten the creases with a bone folder if you have one, or the edge of a ruler. Open the paper back up and rotate it 90 degrees. In particular, it contains diagrams for an intermediate octagonal box, with many variations;

Turn The Origami Paper Around.

Make a squash fold on the right side by prying open the right top flap. This gives a + crease mark. Fancy ways to fold a sheet of paper.