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One sheet will be used to make the head and the second sheet will be used to make the body of the dog.

Origami puppy dog. You can just fold up to step 10 for the simplest origami dog or continue on if youd like your doggie to have a chin and even a tongue. Learn how to make some origami dog models. Dachshund by Yasuhiro Sano.

Folded from a square of Thai reversible paper. These little easy Origami Dogs are a perfect craft for a rainy day simply because all you need is a sheet of A4 white paper eg like you get in the printer and hopefully plain white paper is something that. Diagrams in NOA Magazine 2.

Step 3 Unfold the left corner of paper. Make an Origami Guide Dog Puppy 1. Look at the next step to see how the.

Fold the top corner down to line up with the bottom corner to form a triangle. Start with a square piece of paper placed with one of the corners facing you. You can finish here for the simplest origami dog face.

Support Origami USA. This cute origami dog can have his tongue out too. Diagrams in NOA Magazine 345.

Easy Origami Dog Puppy. Fold the other side down to match. Folding the Puppy Face.

Continuing the celebration of The Year of the Dog Edwin Corrie offers two diagrams for a dog and a puppy. Learn how to fold a simple origami puppy dog face in a just a few folds. Fold one corner down leaving a small gap at the top of the middle crease.

Now the flat part of the triangle should be facing you and the point should be facing away from you. Take your square and fold it in half so you have a triangle. Step 2 Fold the 4 corners in towards the centre.

You can now fold the bottom corner up and behind. 22 Excellent Origami Models for Dog Lovers. When it comes to origami dogs theres actually a lot of great models of tons of different dog species.

Step 6 Keep opening up the paper and Squash Fold it flat. In this post well look at a whole bunch of great origami dog models starting with these great Labrador Retrievers. It is a really simple model to fold but it is also quite rewarding because it is really cute.

Step 5 Open up the top layer of paper along the dotted line. Somewhere between 13 and 12-way across the top of your triangle fold one of the. Free tutorial with pictures on how to fold an origami dog in under 20 minutes by paper folding with origami paper.

Origami dogs are fun to make and are great gifts to give to friends and family who love puppies. Once this is done youre ready to start folding. To make either the puppys tongue or lower jaw fold one layer of the bottom up and continue to the next step.

Time for a cute Dog DIYs for our Dog and animal lovers. Step 1 Fold and unfold the paper in half both ways. How To posted by S.

If you want a smaller bookmark we recommend measuring and tracing a 4 ½ x 4 ½ square on your paper then cut it out. Easy Origami Dog This Easy Origami Dog is made with two sheets of square paper. Diagrams in Doctors Origami Dream Book by Toshikazu Kawasaki.

Continuing the celebration of The Year of the Dog Edwin Corrie offers two diagrams for a dog and a puppy. I was actually kind of surprised at how much variety there is in origami dogs. Step 4 Fold the paper in half horizontally.

Instructions for Easy Origami Dog. Origami Puppy Dog Couple or Family Paper Dogs Dog Lovers Origami Art Japanese PatternVibrant Colors Anniversary Gift Grandchild Gift CandyCreationCo. Diagrams in ORU Magazine 1.

Skip to main content. Diagrams in Origami Dogs by Yasuhiro Sano. Here we are again.

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