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Origami purists might wiggle about pasting tongue eyes and hair to this puppet but sometimes we have to sacrifice purism for the sake of having a lot of fun. These origami animal faces are a great origami project to make with kids they are each made with 1 sheet of square paper.

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Have fun playing puppets.

Origami puppet mouth. Look at my stories on Insta to see how to properly hold it. We recommend using larger paper for this origami fox puppet as long its square. Many of the origami puppets you see are multicolored or have teeth or tongues inside the mouth.

Learn how to make a fun origami fox puppet. Decorate your puppet however you like. Use a marker to draw eyes nose whiskers and mouth.

Fold the tip straight down. How to Make a Fun Origami Santa Claus Puppet. This crow was so much fun.

It is best to avoid really thin origami paper for this project as the puppet can be liable to tear if not handled carefully. Whats funny about this one the eyes blink and the mouth can be pulled open straight updown. Neat and crisp folds will make it easier to fold this origami.

This uses any size of rectangular paper notebook-size paper works best. Whiskers and a mouth. Like every other origami creation you must start with a square piece of paper.

You can draw fun patterns or designs with your markers. Flip the paper so that the white side is facing you the desing should be facing the. These are fun but if you dont make the folds perfectly the different colors or patterns do not line up correctly.

Learn how to make some fun origami animal finger puppets. Published on February 15 2012 May 4 2015 by Micheline Ryckman Over the years my kids and I Micheline have done so many crafts together and Im super excited to share some of them with you here. Open up the bottom of the puppet so it slips onto your finger.

Do you like puppets. I wanted something a little more human looking. So we have chosen this fish origami puppet for kids.

Fold the tip on the bottom right up to left corner. Find a list of hand puppet ideas here. I used a red a.

Now you have a blank face for your puppet. There is a mp4 video included for you to watch that shows how to fold the origami puppet step by step. This guide will show you how easy it is to make an origami puppet with a mouth that opens and closes when you push and pull the sides.

Really its not a whole lot different from the previous design. Here is an origami finger project you can try. The Origami Puppet looks like a paper sailors hat when its closed but when its open it looks like a mouth puppet.

Fold the 6 by 6 sized origami paper in half. Redman origami puppet with moving eyes mouth This is another paper origami puppet I designed. The original name is kissing lips and it was designed by Soon Young Lee.

I made my puppet a cat but you can make other animal faces such as a bat or a dog by decorating your puppet in a different way. Rotate the paper and fold again across the middle. Fold the right left tips over to meet each others edge folded into 3rds.

This puppet doesnt go on your finger. 9 Ways to Awaken Your Creativity With Origami. 1 square piece of paper Pen or colors pencils to draw the face.

Students follow the video to create an origami talking mouth that they then can use to practice in partners some french skits that are included or you can have them make up their own skits. Origami Finger Puppet Tutorial – Step 6. These origami animal finger puppets ears can be made in lots of different ways which means that these finger puppets could be a cat dog bear fox panda monkey pig rabbit and more.

Origami Cat Finger Puppets. Origami Double-Pyramid Stand for iPhone or Business Cards. I would suggest using contrasting colors so the lips dont match the mouth.

Anyway here is a step by step directions for you to make the Origami Crow Puppet. To fit a childs hand the paper would need to be at least 17 x 17 cm. Kids Paper Puppet Craft Big Mouth Critters.

Make sure the fold is crisp run a craft stick across the fold. That means the puppet doesnt look right which can be frustrating for kids. Color side up fold I.

First fold the square paper in half to make a crease. Making the puppet from paper is one of the easiest Origami to make. This origami puppet can also be turned into a dragon or other pointy nosed animal.

Fold the tip straight to the left. You can open and close the origami foxs mouth. Its not a hand puppet like that but you can move the mouth by moving it back and forth.

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