Origami Open Heart Card Box Crazy Tutorial

Origami Open Heart Card Box Crazy Tutorial. 1 sheet of square paper, 20 x 20 cm. Step 5 repeat the last step with the other side.

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This is a great way to share memories and even hide cash surprises inside the “exploding” box! Take the bottom point and fold it up to meet the top of your paper. You should now have what looks like 2 squares with an ‘x’ creased through the center of each one.

1 Sheet Of Square Paper, 20 X 20 Cm.

Fold in half with the coloured side on the outside, crease and open. You can use half of a square sheet of paper for this, or use any rectangular size that is at least 2x as long as it is high. Place it an an angle to form a diamond (the corners facing up, down, right, and left).

An Explosion Box Is A Paper Box That “Explodes” Open When You Lift Its Lid.

And writing a love note to go with it will help keep the flame burning bright. Continue folding the paper around the triangle until about 2 inches remain. Step 1 fold the playing card in half and unfold it, making a crease in the middle.

If You Use Paper That Is Thin But Strong And Add A Dab Of Glue On The Flaps, You Can Use Them As Gift Boxes For Jewelry, Candies, Or Other Small Trinkets.

1 sheet of square paper, 20 x 20 cm. What makes these puffy origami hearts even better than standard heart origami is that they also open up like clams. Fold the right edge of the paper over to the left.

In The Photo Above, Starting From The Top Left, The Flower Shaped One , House Shape, Card Holder Box , Ninja Star Card Holder , The Original One, The Bow And One That Is A Variation Of The Flower One.

Bring the bottom 2 corners into the center fold and crease. Fold the lower left point of the paper strip over to meet the right side, forming a triangle. This popup origami heart box is a heavy modification of this traditional model.

Step 3 Repeat The Last Step With The Opposite Side Of The Card.

For more ideas visit blog post at origami spirit: Great to send a love letter in for valentine’s day. Use the photo below as your guide, as you fold the hearts.