Origami Lucky Star Hoshi Legend

Origami Lucky Star Hoshi Legend. Because the paper stars stand for the continuous light of the heavenly stars and that wonderful night that hoshi saved the stars. Soon you'll be making hundreds!

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400 star paper lucky star origami paper diy handmade orgami paper craft paper,origami star paper strips,. Our paper stars are lucky stars. Another story that is associated with origami lucky stars compares the stars to the traditional origami crane and says that you'll be granted one wish if you fold 1,000 stars.

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So, when the children grew up, they taught their children. Also known as the star festival (星祭り, hoshi matsuri), the tanabata (七夕) is all about love and wishes. Long time ago in japan there was a little girl named hoshi who was fascinated by the stars of the sky.

And You Can Make Five Million Of Them Like Me Legend Of The Origami Lucky Stars.

Should we start with “once upon a time”? She was absolutely in awe of them and would lie on the grass at night and stare at them for hours, wondering how the little bright specks of light could stay in the air for so long. A good starting size is about 30cm, or 1 foot long, and about 1cm wide, or about half an inch.

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This is in some ways is the hardest part. She folded one paper star for each fallen star from the night sky. Getting an attractive star shape takes practice so dont give up if your first few stars look less than perfect.

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She put them in the jar. Long ago in japan there was a little girl named hoshi who was fascinated by the stars of the sky. Paper reverie jars of stars origami lucky star.

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Staring at the night sky, hoshi said “ when we make a paper star, a falling star is saved! Fri aug 23 2002 at 171820. Thinner strips make smaller stars while fatter strips make larger stars.