Origami Instruction How To Raindeer Book Marker

Origami Instruction How To Raindeer Book Marker. There are lots of origami models that are easy and fun to fold. Pull the bottom edge of the paper up so that it aligns with the center crease.

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Ancella simoes is the author of the origamiancy blog and creator of all the origamiancy origami tutorial videos on wonderhowto. The first 30 pages are devoted to preliminaries such as introduction, tools, symbols, and basic folds. Next, fold up two points of the triangle to form the reindeer’s ears.

People Have Always Wanted To Learn How To Make Books And Bookmarks Origami Style.

To begin, choose a piece of brown origami paper, and turn the paper diagonally. With a few quick folds your reindeer head will be formed! Bring up the corners rotate your paper, so the longest edge is directly in front of you.

Fold Square Paper In Half Diagonally.

Take your time and line up the edge with the middle crease as perfectly as possible. Unfold the tips and return paper to a triangle shape. Learn how to make easy origami with these simple instructions.

Origami Paper Clear Tape Sharpie (Optional) Tools Scissors Red Permanent Marker Instructions Fold The Paper In Half And Then Cut It Along The Fold.

Pull the bottom edge of the paper up so that it aligns with the center crease. Fold your square diagonally, then fold in half twice. Follow our instructions to make something today, right now!

Fold The Bottom Edge Up To The Middle Crease, Then Flip The Paper Over.

He makes an adorable christmas decoration. Origami flowers by soonboke smith is 128 pages long and gives instructions to make 33 beautiful paper flowers. The origami bookmarks below were created using a 5 inch square.

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The beauty is in the simple folds. If you have any troubles folding this origami reindeer, i highly suggest folding the. Fold the top flap in half, aligning the.