Origami Flower Directions

Origami Flower Directions. Kusudama origami flower instructions 2. Simply click on a model to view the diagrams.

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Turn the origami to the other side. All origami flowers make great gifts on valentines day, mothers day as well as anniversaries and birthdays. Optionally fold the last set of flaps from the back of the lotus.

For Those Who Are Unfamiliar With Origami, It Is The Art Of Folding Paper Into A Sculpture Without.

Fold the paper in half, crease well and open, and then fold again in the other direction. Fold down the triangles on the right and left side. So go and make those and then come back here.

I'll Be Showing You How To Make This Origami Flower, In Instructable Form!

Pinch the narrow end to make the edges meet behind the model. Fold the paper in half crease well and open and then fold again in the other direction. Fold the paper in half.

Origami Flowers Can Be Really Beautiful.

Fold the flower stem fold the paper like a kite as indicated in the photo. The flaps can be fully reversed over the top of the first set of petals. See the next step for more info.

Crease It Well And Unfold.

Turn the paper over to the coloured side. Insert the small flower into the medium flower. Squash the two edges of that flap inwards.

Fold The Other Three Layers The Same Way.

Fold each side of the triangle into the middle. Fold the right edge to the crease you just made. Welcome to my first instructable.