Making A Boat Out Of A4 Sheet Of Paper

Making A Boat Out Of A4 Sheet Of Paper. Fold it from left to right. Unfold, and then fold the bottom right corner in along the crease you made.

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Bisect the left side of the paper. Turn the paper and lift the flap on the other side. Fold the bottom edge up in the same way.

How To Make A Paper Boat Step By Step 1.

Bisect the left side of the paper. Start off with a sheet of paper and fold it in half downwards. Now, fold the paper from bottom to top.

Fold In Half, Then Open.

Then take the top right corner and fold it 45 degrees so that it is even with the left side of the paper. Find the centre line by folding the left side on theright side and by unfolding. Build a bridge from table to table (6 inches apart or so) that matchbox cars and cross.

Fold The Bottom Edge Up In The Same Way.

Take a sheet of paper of the size a4 (8 1/2 x 11). Neatly fold it to the center. Make a round loop with one strip of paper and place it aside.

Fold The Upper Half Down On The Red Line.

It is made from a sheet of a4 paper. Fold the left and right edges to the central fold. Bring corners in to centre line.

Fold The Corners Of The Lip Inwards.

Take an 8.5 by 11 sheet of paper. Bring corners to the center so that you get a triangle shape with a rectangle under it. Fold the paper in half to the left.