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Index Card Origami. There are several different ways to make an origami jumping frog, some using square paper and some using rectangular paper. How to posted by rach.

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Fold the hearts in half and stack them on top of one another from large to small. For this method, you want to use a4 paper, which is standard printer paper. Your friends will be amazed as they witness a simple index card transform before their eyes into creatures and objects they never expected.

There Are Several Different Ways To Make An Origami Jumping Frog, Some Using Square Paper And Some Using Rectangular Paper.

Keep the top portion flat while bending the two sides. Valentine s day ideas origami 3d paper heart valentines origami paper hearts origami hearts. It should open up a bit.

However, I Wasn't Sure The Fabric Would Fold Well At That Size,.

Free tutorial with pictures on how to fold an origami shape in under 5 minutes by paper folding, paper folding, and paper folding with index cards. Fold the bottom of the card up to meet the top and then back again to meet the new fold at the bottom. How do you make index cards jump?

Using The Tip Of Your Index Finger, Press The Back Of Your Frog Down Slightly And Slide It Off;

Paper heart index card origami. Fold the hearts in half and stack them on top of one another from large to small. The book wings and things:

A Mario Mushroom Made Out Of Origami Using An Index Card (Sorry The Pictures Are So Grainy) Add Tip Ask Question Comment Download.

Index cards are more useful than you think! Craft an origami heart with a necktie for valentines day. Add tip ask question comment download.

This Tutorial Shows A Simple Way To Make An Origami Jumping Frog Using A Rectangular Index Card.

These are typically made out of paper the size of an index card. Origami that flies has an index card frisbee model called the penta flinger that can be folded with business cards, although it is difficult unless the cards are a light card stock and it flies better when folded from larger index. Another unique use would be to use this as a little stand to keep sewing needles or safety pins at the ready.