How To Make Origami Ninja Stars

How To Make Origami Ninja Stars. For the left piece fold the left side up aligning it with the fold. Insert the light green paper’s top left corner into the “pocket” of the light green paper.

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Once youve got two 21 pieces fold them in half so that you they are are 41 in size. Start by folding them in half lengthwise You will need 2 pieces of square paper, preferably printer paper or construction paper, but you can use any type of paper you like.

Take Any One Of The Square Papers And Fold It In Half And Then Unfold.

Now, turn the origami paper around. For the left piece, fold the left side up, aligning it with the fold you made in the previous step. Fold in the flaps of the left blade to lock the right blade into place.

How Do You Make An Origami Cool Ninja Star?

Beginners can make this easy ninja star with paper. Line up the edges so they’re even and form a triangle, leaving a strip 4.5 by 11 inches (11 by 28 cm). I hope this video tutorial.

For The Pink Paper Fold The Top Left Corner In And Down.

Fold the top edge down to the bottom edge, keeping the folds inside. How to make an origami ninja star step 1: Once youve got two 21 pieces fold them in half so that you they are are 41 in size.

Insert The Light Green Paper’s Top Left Corner Into The “Pocket” Of The Light Green Paper.

Bring 1 of the corners across the sheet, connecting it with the opposite edge. Making an origami ninja star is easier with square crisp origami paper than it is with money. How to make a ninja star.

The Only Real Necessity Is That Your Papers Are The Same Size, And That They’re Both Square.

You could easily scale up the size of the pages you use to make giant throwing stars, but i wouldn’t go much smaller. Hold the top end triangle part of the bottom pattern and fold it downward. Then, insert the bottom right corner of the light green paper into the “pocket” of the light green paper.