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How to Make A Paper Sword Paper KATANA Japanese Katana SWORD. How To Make A Homemade Stylus Pen For Iphone.

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The final result is a samurai sword with an edge hard like a diamond and a body thats still very flexible.

How to make a paper katana. Use black ribbon to decorate the handle just like Samurai sword. Assemble the pieces together to form the katana. Wrap tightly and secure with tape at the top.

Paste one more coloured paper to cover the handle of the sword as shown below. If you are folding it then try to make it as straight as you can. 3using a ruler at about a 45 degree angle smooth out the paper and squish the two sheets together.

Take a piece of paper and cover one side of it with glue making sure the edges are all covered. Due to the fact that many handmade items are super fragile fillers are often a necessity. In this video you will Learn How to make a Japanese Katana Sword Using PaperThank You For WatchingSUBSCRIBE for more awesome tutorialsIntro Music.

Once youve folded your Origami Paper Katana and it is ready to lay out in its new location set the plastic wrap around it so the paper does not move. You can add a mixture of clay and other substances like grass and feathers to the blade to achieve desired results. Also the polishing process is very long and can take months starting form rough files and ending with thin paper sheets rubbed down the edge of the katana with incredible patience.

Your paper Katana sword. Take the first piece of blossom and lay it flat on top of the other pieces. Using the same technique we will learn how to make a paper sword in a few easy-to-follow steps.

Its made of light recycled and then shredded paper. Additionally the wood wool adds a little bit of elegance and improves the product exposure. Crease a square of paper on both diagonals.

Actually the forge was simply meant to give a nice bend to the sword to make it look like a KatanaIf you place the coal carefully I used wood because Wood is cheaper than Coal Just 8 cents per Kilogram while coal is 50 centsKgp. Take two pieces with opposing grains and apply wood glue to both using a brush to spread it out. Use coloured paper fold it and cut it through centre so as to insert it in the sword.

Fold the rectangle backward over the flap so that it extends to create a handle for the katana. Fold the square inward along the diagonal crease and unfold. Place the paper pretty-side-up.

Take the first long folded paper and slide the end underneath the triangle flap on the third paper. Make your own tiny katana out of paper. To make this sword we will be using 2 rectangular-shaped double-sided papers.

0 Video日本刀の美 刀剣の旅京都編2 刀剣研磨の世界Beauty of Japanese Swords. This will help make. Than you can uniformly heat the sword in the forge but it was immaterial since the Piece of metal I used was already thin enough and almost like a SwordJust heat the Metal.

Cut out six sheets of cardboard in 4 x 30 inch pieces three pieces where the grain of the cardboard runs one way three pieces where it runs the other way. -Take glue and spread it on the paper and make fold so there are no air bubbles. How to make a Paper SwordJapanese Katana SwordThank You For WatchingSUBSCRIBE for more awesome tutorialsIntro Music.

First the stylus must be made of a conductive material. Lay the second piece underneath the first. Other than wood wool you can find sealed air bags compartments and bubble wrap.

Coat the spine of the blade with the mixture leaving the edge largely untreated. -Make one more fold the same way with glue making sure there are no air bubbles. All youll need is some durable printer paper or origami paper double-sided photo album squares quick drying craft glue a small craft knife like an x-acto knife a straight edge and a cutting mat.

-Once you make enough of it let it dry and then cut them and shape them to make katana. Kyoto Part 2 Sword Grinding. Treat the blade with a special clay mixture.

The first piece of paper will be used to make the swords blade whereas the second one will become the guard. Repeat this for the second diagonal. How to make a Paper Katana Sword.

Katanas assembled through the traditional technique can cut a sheet of silk fluttering in the air or. Place another sheet of paper on top of the glue taking the time to line it up as best you can. -Thus with papers glue and tooth pick you can make the katana easily.

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