How To Fold Rectangular Paper To Round Base

How To Fold Rectangular Paper To Round Base. Get a square piece of paper. Prepare a sheet of any rectangular paper eg.

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W 2 = l x w. After perforating round the edges, fold the paper one more time so you can make some perforation in the. This time, fold it in half from right to left so that it closely resembles a square.

If Diagonal =D, X 1 = D 2 / ( 2 L) And.

The next step is to measure the width of the paper required. To begin the origami gift box, fold one sheet of paper in half horizontally. Prepare a sheet of any rectangular paper eg.

What Ever Size You Have Depends On What Size The Box Will Be.

Solving this simple equation yields. The paper should reach a little over the center of the flat side when you fold it. Weave this around the basket, folding the reed at each corner to create a nice angled corner to work with.

Either Leave A Bit Of The Triangle Tab Out, Or Tuck It All The Way Inside.

Forming the square to round pattern often requires fold breaks along the length of the round corners. This will give you four equal, triangular sections. Nip off the tip with the perforator to create a hole in the middle.

Create A Nice Crisp Corner By Folding And Making A Crease In The Weaver.

These can be verified on say, a sheet of paper. Fold the parchment in half. So if you have a big size paper you'll have a bigger box.

Fold It In Half Then Fold Again To In Quarters.

Fold the left and right sides. Fold the baking paper in half forming a rectangle. Take a piece of baking paper that is bigger than the baking tin (base and height included).