How To Fold A Shrikeun

How To Fold A Shrikeun. You only need one supply. Fold the top half on both pieces.

Ninja Throwing Star from

Get 8 square sticky notes. Leave those blase plain white paper stars in the recycling bin or toss them to a frenemy. This video origami tutorial shows how to fold any piece of paper into a shuriken, or japanese ninja star.

Take A Square Piece Of Paper And Fold It In Half And Tear It Off To Get Two Pieces Of Rectangular Paper.

Get one piece of origami paper. Fold the top half on both pieces. So i decided to make this how to video on paper ninja stars (aka shurikens) and it's easier to understand and follow, especially for young children.

But For Some Of You, Shurikens Might Be Too Dangerous, So That's Were Origami Comes In.

Cut the paper in half, making each side equal. A shiny paper ninja star, of course! Fold the bottom half of both pieces.

This Wonderful Piece Of Origami Is Broken Up Into Units (Different Parts) So It All Slots Together When You Have Made Them All.

Medium this 8 point ninja star or 8 sided ninja star is one of the coolest origami youll ever learn to fold. Fold the two sticky corners on one towards the center. Fold the top right corner in and down.

Get One Piece Of Origami Paper.

Get one piece of origami paper. It's a ninja's best friend. Fold each piece of paper in half lengthwise.

In This Weapons Video Tutorial You Will Learn How To Fold A Ninja Star (Shuriken) Out Of Paper.

Fold one side (in the image it's the right side) of the paper down so that the top edge runs along the center crease. This origami video is a great tutorial on how to make a transforming shuriken (ninja disk). Then fold one end of each paper like a triangle.