How To Fold A Reindeer Step By Step

How To Fold A Reindeer Step By Step. If you want to draw reindeer, follow our tutorial step by. Buy a cheap red keychain led and hot glue in place for the nose.

How to make Paper Reindeer Easy Origami Reindeer Instructions from

Then draw two eyes and a mouth. Then draw an oval for the reindeer’s nose. Divide your paper in half both ways by using a ruler or by folding the paper slightly.

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First fold the paper in half to create a triangle. Taper the legs and neck. Cut these smaller black circles out stick these black circles on top of the white circles.

This Origami Reindeer Is Made From A Single Sheet Of Paper No Glue Or Cutting Add A Red Nose To Make A Rudolf.

Roll the ends to resemble the head and tail of a. Use them for your cards or home décor this season! 3.draw two black round eyes, and then draw two front legs.

Fold This Tip Down Or Inwards.

2.draw a pair of beautiful antlers on top, and then draw ears below the antlers. Fold one corner of the paper to the center. Begin by making the part that wraps around the neck.

Draw Two Antlers From The Top Of The Head (Just The Main Beams, For The Time Being) Curving Forward.

The eyes of the reindeer are complete. Find a toilet paper roll to make into the reindeers body. Fold the paper in half again.

Materials Required For The Wooden Reindeer.

Stick these two circles on both sides of the middle of the reindeer. And now push these two folds downwards and make a mountain fold along this line. Making ears for the paper reindeer