Different Fortunes To Write On A Fortune Teller

Different Fortunes To Write On A Fortune Teller. How many fortunes are in a fortune teller paper? A fortune teller for mom (and dad) social.

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Write The Fortunes Underneath The Flaps.

It can be a random number as long as all the numbers are different. There are different topics you can write in a fortune teller. The fortune teller then proceeds to raise their hand.

Flip The Paper Over And Fold;

4 you quickly discover what the big red thing on the back of your chair is. What to write on a foutune teller. 1) fortunes (such as you will be rich, you will travel around the world etc), 2) or as we did at school write praise and insults (your beautiful, you smell like a toilet) 3) or you can write rewards or penalties (you can have 1 sticker / treat / points, you must give back 2 stickers / treats / points)

Good Fortune Will Be Yours.

The paper fortune teller is also called a cootie catcher, is very easy to. There are different topics you can write in a fortune teller. Fortune tellers and psychics claim to know the future designed by god but the bible does not state so.

On The Surface Of Each Flap You Can Write A Number.

You will have eight small triangles on which to write your fortunes. They use experience and observe you closely estimate your age compare it with how you stand sit walk talk use eyes hands are dressed your haircut teeth skin compared to age jewelry clocks rings nails makeup how you smell and react to questions or statements. What are some good messages to write in a fortune teller.

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At 20 years of age the will reigns; You should write down a fortune teller under each inside flap. Open up the triangles labeled 1 and 2 and write a short fortune underneath each number.