8 Point Ninja Star Origami Steps

8 Point Ninja Star Origami Steps. Fold down the tip on this side as well. It should look like this.

step by step instructions how to make origami A Ninja Star. Download a Free Preview or High from www.pinterest.com

It helped me a lot. Fold the top and bottom edges to the central crease. One of my favourites is my origami ninja star card holders which hold cards or place cards tutorial here.

This Type Of Origami Is Called Modular Origami.

Origami ninja star with money. They used to be our favorite pastime. Fold the top right corner in and down.

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Sticky part is on top. After that fold it to the left and the push the back in. Origami modular 8 pointed star folding instructions part 2 how to fold an origami modular 8 pointed star easy origami star modular origami christmas origami.

Fold The Top Right Corner Down On The Pink Paper.

Add tip ask question comment download In this tutorial i teach you how to fold the transforming ninja star.it is a modular origami model which means that you can make the transforming ninja star by interlocking the units together. It helped me a lot.

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Fold the bottom right corner in and up. Get one sticky note and flip it over so the. Fold top where the sticky parts down to the bottom.

Check Out The Origami Ninja Star When You’re Done With This One.

It should look like this. For an 8 point star youll need 4 layers. Fold down the tip on this side as well.