Which Way To Fold Scored Paper

Some rotary tools may need you to press down firmly to release the blade from the safety. You want to press down firm enough to create a valley in the paper deep enough to allow the paper to fold easily.

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This is called machine direction or parallel grain direction.

Which way to fold scored paper. Its simple but many people get this wrong. If youre wondering which way to fold your cardstock once you score it todays video will answer your questionYou can find the supplies for this video by cl. Just line your paper up with your straight edge wherever you plan to make the fold make sure you are even on both sides of the paper or you will get a diagonal line.

Hold your straight edge firmly and then using the non-serrated edge of your butter knife apply pressure right up against your straight edge and slide down your ruler. Press the ruler down firmly at the place you want to fold. Posted at 1029am Dec 23 2007 EST.

Lighter weights of paper generally fold well without the need for scoring. NO the side you score with the indent is the back of the card which becomes the inside once you fold it. In fact the thicker the paper the wider the score must be.

If you dont have a bone folder try using a dull knife such as a butter knife. The results were great. Each sheet has two grain directions machine direction and cross-machine direction.

Lightweight vellum Using a bone folder tool to score vellum lightly created a crease for easy accurate folding. All machine-made paper has a grain direction. Another way to say this is the valley of the scored line.

Inline Scoring vs Offline Scoring. This will make folding the card easier and ensure a crisp smooth fold. Then take the knife and draw a line staying right next to the ruler.

Scored by Hand with Bone Folder Great for Heavyweight. A score is generally used prior to folding heavy weight papers such as cover weight papers card stock and cardboard. A creasing tool such as our Tri-Creaser will compress the paper into a female channel as shown.

A score line or channel line creates two distinct sides of a card. Use a Technifold EZ Fit or Fast Fit Tri-Creaser on your folding or scoring machine Spine Creaser on your cover feeder or Spine. Makes a professional-looking and clean fold when using a heavier paper or cardstock Prevents the paper from cracking along the fold line Can be done with a scoring board the back of a knife and a ruler a dotting tool and a ruler or with a tool called a bone folder Be sure to use a dull object.

The Right Way to Fold Scored Paper. Finally we scored each sheet of vellum with a bone folder prior to folding. One side has a recess or indentation the other side has a bump.

First use a dull knife and a ruler. When you score cardstock you are actually stretching the fibers in the paper which means you want to fold AWAY from the score line. Place a ruler down on the paper where you want to make the score.

Use a soft eraser to rub away the paper marks. Sometimes the answer is simple but actually seeing it happen helps it sink in. Here we demonstrate how to correctly fold your card or paper for a neat symmetrical folded cardsee httpswww.

Set your paper down on a flat surface. Another option is to use a bone folder. So youre saying well which is it heres your answer.

Run the male side of the tool on the outside of the folded piece. Use the bone folder to score the card. While on the paper machine most paper fibers will line up in the direction the paper is traveling along the machine.

Set the blade of the scoring tool on the paper directly next to the ruler. Another way to say this is the valley of the scored line should be on the outside of your card. When you score cardstock you are actually stretching the fibers in the paper which means you want to fold AWAY from the score line.

Heres how to score paper. There really is a proper way to fold scored cards doing it properly really makes a difference. Crease one sheet at a time.

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