Tesselation Directions

Polygon a shape with three or more sides. Your grade will be based on the attached rubric which is graded for appearance creativity consistency and complexity of design coloring correct size paper and your ability to follow directions.

Tessellation Technique Art Lessons Middle School Math Art Projects Math Art

Discovering Geometry Ch 7.

Tesselation directions. Cut a lined index card to 3×3. Create your own Tessellation. There are 3 types of tessellations rotation reflection and translation or slide.

Here are two videos that will teach you the process. First – just play with it. Coloring should be in between the lines and no wrinkled or torn projects will be accepted.

What exactly is a tessellation. You MUST follow the guidelines given in order to receive full credit. Best to just try dragging the dots to see what happens.

They can be made by positioning the same shape with one of these three operations. In Homes weve been exploring tessellations infinitely repeating patterns of shapes. Next cut a shape from one side of your 3×3 card and slide it to the opposite side of the card without flipping it over or.

You can easily make a fish tessellation by repeatedly performing the operations of translation rotation and reflection on a basic fish shape. Mathematics and Art come together. A tessellation is the tiling of a plane using one or more geometric shapes such that there are no overlaps or gaps.

The appearance of your tessellation should be neat. The tessellation will be constructed on white legal size graph paper I will supply. This is a short tutorial on tessellation art.

Tessellations are patterns resulting from arranging or tiling shapes without any gaps. Found in homes around the world tessellations can be functional beautiful or both. And always start at the polygon with the least number of sides so 31212 not 12312.

TESSELLATION PROJECT DIRECTIONS You are to create your own tessellation masterpiece. Red dot controls rotation of the grid. The tessellation will be constructed on white paper.

A tessellation is a pattern made from repeating a shapeshapes that fit together without any gaps or spaces li. The Little Book of Tessellation. Your tessellation will be created based on specific criteria.

Tessellation a pattern made with polygons that completely fills a space with no gaps spaces or overlaps. You can control the spacing. This gives them a.

Try the different tools and see what happens. A tessellation is the pattern produced from the repeated arrangements of the same shape over a plane without any gaps. You are to turn in the template figure you used to create your tessellation.

To name a tessellation go around a vertex and write down how many sides each polygon has in order. Blue dot controls x-y spacing of grid. Your grade will be based on the attached rubric which is graded for appearance creativity consistency complexity of design coloring correct size paper correct color paper your ability to follow directions.

They can continue in all directions forever. Beginners Edition at httpswwwtessellatio. First lead the class through the tessellation creation process.

Your grade will be based on the following. Your tessellation pattern should cover the ENTIRE poster no gaps or unintentional white spaces. The videos cover the two easiest to create.

In this activity make some refrigerator-worthy mathematical decorations with. In other words a tessellation is a never-ending pattern on a flat 2-D surface such as a piece of paper where all of the shapes fit together perfectly like puzzle pieces and the pattern can go on forever. The tessellation will be constructed on white paper.

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