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You may have to measure. Origami Star How to Make a Paper Five Pointed Star DIY – Easy Origami Step by Step Everything for Origami httpalipub3rrj9z Everything for Paper Crafts.

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You can get different results by pinching more or less at this stage.

Step by step origami 4 pointed star. The first real big step of this origami piece is the square fold. Your pentagon will start to look like a bowl. 4 Point Ninja Star Origami – Origami 4 Pointed Star – Theres absolutely not any way that a novice can begin to construct papercraft without using origami 4 pointed star.

Use your index finger and thumb to pinch in one of the points of the star. Now inflate the star. Finished 4 Pointed Star.

Use the long end of the piece of paper and fold a half inch wide strip. But make sure it measures 11 inches on one side1 X Research sourceStep 2 Cut a half inch wide strip. You will now have a flat star shape as shown.

So you have this shape. Rip or cut the strip. To be able to get the best results its much better to get a thin paper.

Keep doing this until you can overlap the points in an anti-clockwise direction an d they all interlock to form your star shape. This origami 4-pointed star looks like a windmill. If you are doing traditional origami you will fold and rip the paper.

Start with a 6 x 6 15cm x 15cm square origami paper color side down. Crease well and unfold. For this simple origami youll need two sheets of square paper.

Do the same creases but in the other direction. With One of the Four Squares Fold It in Half by Folding the Top to the Bottom Then Unfold. Now you need to.

The best origami 4 pointed star. Youll essentially be folding two corners to one between the two and the squashing it neatly into one square shape. You can hang these pretty origami stars up on the Christmas tree or use them at Tanabata star festival.

Origami 4-Pointed Star Step 2. If you like the layered back of this star using origami paper. Make 2 folds 1 on each of the diagonals as shown by the dash lines below.

You are slowly forming a 3D shape. Press down neatly here and you will create a fold line down the centre of that triangle. Origami 4-Pointed Star Step 1.

Learn how to make a simple four point origami star from one sheet of square paper. Form the star shape. Origami purists will frown upon me using scissors but hey this is the 21st century not feudal Japan – The finished star Christmas ornaments will be about 60 of the size of the square you start with.

Make 2 folds 1 on each of the diagonals as shown by the dash lines below. Step 1 Take a piece of 85 x 11 paper. HOW TO FOLD AN ORIGAMI 5-POINTED STAR.

Making the 5 Pointed Origami Star. You want the strip to be a half inch wide and 11 inches longStep. Unfold and repeat this for each of the five points until you have creases in the paper that look like this I have drawn the fold lines in so it is clearer in the photo.

In half giving you the point of the star. Crease well and unfold. First off you should look at the depth of the origami 4 pointed star that youre purchasing.

Add Tip Ask Question Comment Download Step. Fold along creases shown to points shown and open. The Best origami 4 pointed star Pattern for All Models and Folders.

To the Square Fold. Repeat with a further 3 corners until you have 4 or your stars points. Make folds across the width of the pentagon starting in a corner point and folding the paper in half.

Insert the end of the strip inside the pocket. How To Make A 5 Pointed Origami Star Ive been making these little paper stars from left over scraps of wrapping paper for a few years now. Its funny how you make fold after fold and dont see the shape of a star until the very last fold.

A good quality higher quality paper ink and a couple of scissors are what it takes to create a quality papercraft model. So a 12 square will make a 7 star or a 85 square will make a 5 star. Make these creases exactly in thirds.

Using six-inch paper results in a star that is 34 inches. Now you need to divide the paper into 3 sections on both the horizontal and vertical axis. Finish Tucks and Inflate the Star.

If youve been with me a while youll likely have noticed them in my previous Christmas Wrapping blogs. You can use a blank sheet of regular paper or a patterned piece of paper. Now fold in half diagonally both ways and open.

Rotate the star and gently do the same on all of the points. In turn work your way around the pentagon pulling your points up. The thicker the origami 4 pointed star the more folds you will have to make.

This traditional origami star looks three-dimensional on one side and layered on the other. To save on paper or if your paper is quite thick use one sheet and cut it in half starting from step 4.

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