Robin Scholz Origami Tirangle

Also in Czech Origami Convention 2014 Also in Origami USA Convention 1998. TIRAngle Geometric and other shapes.

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The photos below werent really taken using the microscope.

Robin scholz origami tirangle. Her Triangular equilateral unit was a discovery for me and it allowed me to create my first original designs. Paper used in this video. Paper used in this video.

My dear friend Robin Scholz sent me this awesome micro tIRAngle a wonderful design by Ira Fine. Really happy of how it turned out. Vielen dank mein freund.

So I thought it would be a very good idea to generously share a diagram for it Check out my latest post at Go Origami. I found the crease pattern on Robin Scholzs flickr page. Flora – Trees and Plants.

There are videos and diagrams available online. Hexagon with a height of 18 cm 7 in Finished model. If anyone is looking for this type of model the hydrangea it is based on was originally designed by Shuzo Fujimoto.

Without her help drawing most of the. Bogota Origami Convention 2018. 1199 photos and 11 videos 6079 views origami for the people.

Im a lucky guy yes I am. Shades of Green Another Picture Designed and Folded by Robin Scholz. Hexagon with a height of 9 cm 3 12 in This video describes how to fold a fantastic origami tessellation Triphilia discovered by Robin Scholz.

Near-hexagon with a height of about 125 cm 4 78 in This video describes how to fold a fantastic origami tessellation Celtic Circle discovered by Robin Scholz. I had been wondering where Id first seen this design. Pleasure of meeting in person at the Origami Argentina convention in 2016.

TIRAngle Geometric and other shapes. I didnt even realize there were more steps. Did the hex spread.

Happy Holiday Season everyone and hap. Aug 25 2014 – Robin Star Maria Sinayskaya squares 8 units no glue This star was named after an incredibly generous person – Robin Scholz. Robin Scholz made some more great looking origami tessellations.

All these crushed creases make it look more natural. In all the folds I have seen so far only a single molecule was folded but Im pretty sure that these molecules can be tessellated by forming helper triangle twists from the triangles that protrude from the hexagons corners. Origami Tesselation Tutorial.

Crease pattern available from Robin Scholzs Flick Heres another back view of one of Ilan Garibis designs. Surprise Designed and Folded by Robin Scholz. Celtic Circle Robin Scholz YouTube.

Geometric and other shapes. Turned that into triangle twists. Beauty and technique all together.

It looks three dimensional when backlit but its actually a flat fold. Original image on Flickr. Philipp-Marius Kost folded a couple of fantastic looking models.

OrigamIsrael 2018 5th Convention. Geometric and other shapes. Folded by Jake Crowley.

Original image on Flickr. Tree of the Canal du Midi. This week I received the most amazing birthday present.

Pretty neat how different they appear. Liebe grĂ¼sse von viel zu weit weg. Folded over those flaps and inverted.

Robin kindly gave me permission to make this video accessible to you. Robin Scholz Triphilia variation. At least I finally figured out its origin.

Both photos are of the same tess – front and back. So I stopped wehre I did. 09 50 44 73 96 RCS 504 891 235.

Its a lot of folding but worth it. TIRAngle Geometric and other shapes. TIRAngle Geometric and other shapes.

Her wonderful books have always been a big source of inspiration for my works. Hexagon with a height of 18 cm 7 in Finished model. Triangles Hexagons flagstone tutorial 22 photos.

Geometric and other shapes. You may also find interesting a discussion of this design by Robin Scholz. BOS Convention 2018 Spring.

Crease pattern for this model.

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