Origami Squash Fold

Fold the left side over. Dave kindly gave me permission to.

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Fold in half side to side.

Origami squash fold. Unfold and fold the two other corners together. This origami squash fold tutorial will take you through three different examples. You can make a swivel fold on many different shapes but this one is easy to demonstrate.

The Swivel Fold comes up a lot in origami and is somewhat similar to the Petal Fold Variation. Take the 2 corners of each square and fold in towards the center crease to make what looks like a small kite. Lift up the square you just folded and open it.

Fold the entire left side of your triangle over to the right. Origami squash fold. Fold the paper corner to corner.

You will be given a step-by-step guide how to apply a fold. What is a squash fold. The squash fold is a simple step to some origami instructions so just take a look at this video if it is hard to figure out just leave a comment and i will m.

Just click on Ascend button. Two mountain folds one valley fold and an arrow indicating motion. Try to fold it so that the straight edge will intersect the remaining triangle in half.

This video describes how to fold a fantastic action origami modular called i-Squashahedron designed by David Brill. Valley fold and unfold the flap which is to be squashed. Repeat for the other 3 squares.

Watch quickly as this video demonstrates the squash fold. Squash Fold The Squash Fold comes in handy when it comes to making origami. What is swivel fold is not easy to define but I can try using a well-known example.

This pre-creases the paper prior to squashing. A perfect squash fold is even same size on left and right and aligned crease lines and edges align perpendicular or parallel to each other. Now you are going to make a squash fold with the flaps you just made.

Pry open the paper then squash or flatten it down. Carefully open them out and press the tip down so it meets the center fold line. Basically it is when you pry open the paper slightly then press and flatten the paper to make the fold.

A petal fold is shown with. Lift the flap that is to be squashed towards you. Turn the whole piece over.

Repeat with the other 3 small triangles. Fold in half again forming a square. The move is not difficult to do but it might take a few tries before you can make a perfect squash.

Step 1 Start off with a Square Base that has one of the four flaps Squash Folded. Squash Fold Example 1. Below are pictures of squash folds that for some of the origami models on this site.

Be sure to use existing creases – dont make any new ones. Instructions to make a Squash Fold. Fold the left half to the right then unfold.

Squash it down into a triangle. We fold the large triangle in half then bring the flap back to the right. It is a compound fold that is a combination of creases that are more or less performed simultaneously.

If you dont have the supplies for wetfolding just watching will give you an idea of the process so please consider attending even if you dont have heavyweight paper. In figure 1 a swivel fold is performed on a Preliminary fold with one of its flaps Squash Folded figure 1. The big white arrow tells you to open the model.

Below are pictures of squash folds that for some of the origami models on this site. Some designers show the petal fold in multiple steps in which case the mountain and valley folds may vary. Learn my Squirrel design first from regular origami paper then wet folded.

The petal fold is seen in origami birds and in making of the traditional iris flower. It does not need to be precise At this point you should have a skinny rectangle that has a. Squash Fold Example 1.

Then open the model fold one layer of paper along the valley fold and flatten the model using the mountain fold. Bring flap from right to left open it slightly press and flatten. Fold a square sheet of paper in half.

Origami Squash Fold. Starting with as square base the creator shows you how to perform this basic fold. The instruction is shown below.

The second method is to. There is of course a closed or inside swivel fold as well figure 2. This is an example from making a square base.

Align the crease line on the top layer of paper with the layers of paper beneath. Gently press down to squash the paper creating two new mountain folds. This page is for those who want the instructions to apply a squash-fold in origami.

Our squash-fold symbol consists of one valley-fold one mountain-fold and one unfold. This is an example from making a square base. The squash fold is essentially a neat way of squashing your paper into position.

Fold the top left corner down to the center. After mastering the valley fold and the mountain fold the beginning origami enthusiast needs to understand how to make a squash fold. Prefold both sheets of paper along the valley and mountain fold.

This is the first of three sqash fold examples. That is the most basic example of the open swivel fold. Basically it is when you pry open the paper slightly then press and flatten the paper to make the fold.

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