Origami Paper Throwing Star

You can use different kinds of paper to make your star. Originally metal ninja stars or Shuriken were used as throwing weapons in Japanese variations of martial arts.

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Throwing stars American Felt Craft Blog.

Origami paper throwing star. Colored construction paper or origami paper. SHARE COMMENT LIKE and SUBSCRIBE for more awesome tutorials. Origami Ninja Throwing Star.

2x printer paper A4How To Make a Paper Ninja Star Shuriken – OrigamiWelco. Using six-inch paper results in a star that is 34 inches. The origami instructions below use traditional sheets that are approximately 66 inches.

Using the Japanese art of paper folding origami you can make a replica ninja star from paper. This star is for throwing. Fun to play with and throw at siblingsMATERIALS1 85 by 11 sheet of printing paperscissorshandsa flat surface.

This is just an origami throwing star. Printer paper I think is a good selection. Subscribe for more amazing videos.

You can follow these easy step-by-step images below to make your very own Origami Ninja Throwing Star. Start with two square pieces of origami paper any size square will do. If you are using traditional square origami paper you can tear or cut a sheet in half and use it that way.

Folding ninja stars with paper is an easy and fun project that can be used as a decoration or craft piece when completed. ORIGAMI is the Japanese Art of Paper-Folding the technique of turning a small square piece of paper into a miniature finished sculpture using only a few basic folds and angles. The Throwing Stars are just a convenient way to practice developing that accuracy.

Free Throwing Star b_Paper pieced quilt patterns Pinterest. But you can make fine substitutes out of a few simple pieces of paper. If you are using an 85 x 11 construction paper instead of a square origami paper simply fold the upper left corner down to the right edge.

The most commonly seen example is the Paper Crane. Use the same steps to fold both halves of paper in half again and then make triangular folds on both ends of both pieces of paper which will become the star. The video is a bit rough and the paper is a little crumpled but it still shows you how to do it.

Printable Ninja Star. Notebook paper is shrper but it does not have much weight. The star is good for accuracy and can also curve I learned it from a friend but you can also learn how to make it with the video below.

This is a simple way to make a chinese throwing star. Paper Throwing Star Shruiken. A single sheet of square paperThere are a few steps that requires cutting the paper which can be done by ripping it by hand.

You only need one supply. Giving your nieces and nephews real sharp-edged throwing stars might be frowned upon by their parents. Free tutorial with pictures on how to fold an origami shape in under 14 minutes by paper folding and paper folding with paper.

If you want to fold an origami star start by folding and cutting in half a square of origami paper or a paper square you make yourself. Httpsbitly33SNrhK My Paper and Size. Then use scissors to cut off the bottom flap.

Inspired by shapes stars and stars. How To posted by Audrey O. Printer paper dimension paper or origami paperSize.

Chinese Paper Throwing Star. I use this 6 x6 inch origami paper to make a ninja thowing star. If you use small paper such as a three-inch paper the result is a small star measuring only 18 inches point to point.

Here is how to make origami shurikens or throwing ninja stars in easy to follow steps. You could easily scale up the size of the pages you use to make giant throwing. How to Make Origami Ninja Star Materials.

Its not that hard to make and the pictures are pretty good. Free Throwing Star 6 Inch Block Template Craftsy quilts. This basic throwing star pattern is made from two rectangles that are twice as long as they are wide.

DIY Felt Ninja pouches and throwing stars. For this simple origami youll need two sheets of square paper. If you are using duo paper paper that is a different color or shade on each side try using two different colored halves.

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