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Learn how to make a Jumping Origami Frog. April 6 2021.

Mr Frog Origami Tutorial How To Make An Origami Frog Youtube Origami Frog Origami Tutorial Origami

Fold the paper in half from top to bottom.

Origami frog box on youtube. Learn how to make an easy origami jumping frog traditional modelTutorial by Jo Nakashima Support my channel. Paper Ph2 Origami This YouTube channel run by someone known as Paper Ph2 and features video instructions for a bunch of great original designs including some great origami Pokemon and other video game themed models. It takes less than five minutes to fold the top and bottom pieces of the gift box.

Position the frog so that the long back legs are facing you and fold it in half near where the body is narrowest. Make sure to fold the legs underneath the body of the frog. Here you will find user-submitted photos of designs folded with the help of my video tutorials.

Step 3 Fold the paper in half vertically again and then unfold it. Fold it in half horizontally and un then unfold. See more ideas about origami frog frog frog crafts.

Kids can press on the back end and watch their frog leap into the air. A fun and easy origami project for kids. Make sure its perfectly square.

Fold the frog in half. Fold in half from left-to-right. These instructions work without the printable so if youre out of ink but still want to make a jumping frog thats fine.

Kids will love making their own origami jumping frogs all you need is a piece of paper to try this easy craft activity with your little ones at home. The frog will still look good in the end and itll still jump. This Video Tutorial teaches you to make an Origami Tall Gift Box with Lid which is useful for storing small things and pack small gift items for various.

See more ideas about origami origami tutorial paper crafts. Start with a square sheet of paper with color-side facing up. If you have folded a model from one of my videos feel free to submit a photo to be featured.

Welcome to Easy Paper Origami channel here you will get awesome origami tutorials step by step. They also how to make origami frog with sticky notes like to do their playhow to make origami frog with sticky notes wannabe police officers wore their uniforms and carried batons. If you want to fold the origami models that these YouTube channels demonstrate youre going to need to have a little bit of experience with origami first.

These happy origami frogs are a joy to make and really fun to play with. A square piece of paper. Next is a somewhat tricky part for young soon to be origami masters you have to fold the parts that are marked with.

Origami Frog Base Instructions. Googly eyes optional red paper for tongue optional Start by folding the paper diagonally both diagonals. Unfold and fold to half.

Use just one square sheet from the pad to make your origami bird. There are many different times of Frog Origami. Youll use this crease as a guide in later steps.

Other frog origami are GREAT at jumping. Use smaller or larger sized paper to adjust the size of the box and lid. The color was green with a tad of blue.

Step 2 Fold the paper in half vertically. These fun Origami Frogs were first shared in August 2016 and the post has been updated and republished for your convenience. Origami Tutorial to make a paper Tall Gift Box with Lid.

You can make interesting paper crafts paper boats ninja stars jumping frogs beautiful paper flowers airplanes birds butterflies and much more. How to make an origami frog tutorial. Push the left and right corners inwards.

Flip the paper over so white-side is facing up. After creating the frog I will often show children how to make a game by drawing a lily pad on a piece of paper. It is quick and easy to make and kids love that they can make it jump.

Download the Origami Frogs at the bottom of this post. Step 1 Start with a square sheet of paper with the white side up. The origami boxes as seen in the photo above were made with 12 x 12 scrapbook paper which produces a 425 x 425 box.

Saved by Nancy Smith. Fold and unfold along the diagonal in both directions to get an X crease. Frequency 1 video day Since May 2017.

Youll want to start with a square piece of paper 85 x 85 works and then cut that in half so that you are working with 425 x 85 inches and then go ahead and follow the instructions on the video. Mar 30 2018 – Explore Happy Kidss board Origami Frog on Pinterest. One of my favorite origami patterns to create with clients is the Business Card Frog.

Make a crease for the frogs back legs. Some frogs are wonderfully intricate.

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