Laser Origami

It is designed to meet even the most demanding production requirements. It is a unique and patented solution.

Laser Etched Paper For Folding Complex Forms Paper Origami Art Laser Etching

Three ways of making.

Laser origami. The ORIGAMI – 05 from Onefive is a Laser with Wavelength 513 to 535 nm Power 01 W Output Power Pulsed 01 W Pulse Energy 00000012 mJ Operating Temperature 10 to 40 Degree C. The ORIGAMI families of laser emit transform-limited soliton pulses providing diffraction-limited beam quality and excellent pointing stability. The key idea behind LaserOrigami is that it achieves three-dimensionality by folding and stretching the workpiece rather than by placing joints thereby eliminating the need for manual assembly.

Here it fabricates a mobile phone screen cam by a cutting the contour lines and b heating up the bend paths until the material becomes compliant and bends down under the influence. LaserOrigami bends a workpiece by distributing the lasers power across a larger surface. One of our tipsters just sent us a link to some fascinating videos on a new style of rapid prototyping Laser Origami.

Origami has a very compact oscillator and a cost-effective design and its ultrastable free-running performance significantly reduces the complexity of the phase-locked loop stabilization electronics. The ORIGAMI XP is the first all-in-one single-box microjoule femtosecond laser on the market. More details for ORIGAMI – 05 can be seen below.

The concept is fairly simple. It is the industrial-grade ultra-compact mode-locked femtosecond laser that provides the lowest phase noise and timing jitter on the market. Complex origami patterns like Miura Ori have incredibly cool mechanical properties but look really hard to make.

Computational Laser Forming Origami Yue Hao and Jyh-Ming Lien Laser forming is a fabrication method that uses a laser to fold sheets into 3D structures. The monolithic laser delivers up to 70 ┬ÁJ pulse energy at 1030 nm 5 W average power and a pulse duration below 400 fs. Our ORIGAMI is specifically designed for OEM integration.

To overcome the limitations in the traditional practice that relies on tedious manual design this work advances laser forming by developing computational methods that procedurally convert a polyhedron P into laser formable 2D patterns and. Your Quotation Request will be directed to Onefive. LaserOrigami is a rapid prototyping system that produces 3D objects using a laser cutter.

By moving the work-piece away from the laser it defocus es the laser Figure 2 b. LaserOrigami fabricates 3D structure by bending rather than using joints thereby eliminating the need for manual assembly. 3D printing is slow and can take up to several hours to produce one single object.

A stand alone station Origami allows to quickly and simply create creasingembossing plates without recourse to. First we generate the features through laser microfabrication then selectively place the active elements by laser transfer or laser cutting and finally we use laser curing heating or ablation to achieve out-of-plane actuation. Laser origami is a much faster procedure with plenty of benefits.

Innovative proprietary creasingembossing system exploiting a malefemale concept. Laser origami or LaserOrigami as the technology is named was innovated by Stefanie Mueller Bastian Kruck Patrick Baudisch and the. The Origami Lasered version on the right was finished in three minutes no assembly required.

In contrast Laser Origami bends the workpiece by distri b-uting the heat over a larger surface. Laser Origami LaserOrigami is a rapid prototyping system that produces 3D objects using a laser cutter. The Origami femtosecond laser can be also used as a stand-alone ultrastable source for all applications where medium-term stability is required.

Download Datasheet Request Quote. This is a camera holder for filming iPhone interactions. The creasing quality is equal to that of traditional professional creasing.

A LaserOrigami cuts the workpiece by focus-ing the laser on the workpiece b it bends by defocus-. Innovative proprietary creasingembossing system exploiting a malefemale concept. As shown in Figure 2a the cutting laser is normally focused on the workpiece which causes the material to turn so hot that it evaporates.

Laser origami applies LDW techniques to generate the structural elements and functional patterns required for self-folding in three simple steps see Figure 1. The laser head controller and air-cooling system are all integrated into one robust package so small it fits in your hand luggage. So we cheated and used our laser cutter.

A stand-alone 3D digital printing station that allows to quickly and simply create creasing and embossing plates without any outsourcing. LaserOrigami is substantially faster than traditional 3D fabrication techniques such as 3D printing and unlike traditional laser cutting the resulting 3D objects require no manual assembly.

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