How To Make Paper Fan

How to Make a Fan-Tastic Paper Fan. Draw pretty butterflies yummy birthday cakes or stars in a deep blue sky.

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You are creating accordion-style pleats which will then be opened into a fan once you are finished.

How to make paper fan. Bind the middle of the folded paper with a small piece of wire. Supplies To Make A Paper Fan. Regular letter size or A4 is a great choice.

Step 3 Allow the fan to open in a bow shape. To create a handle glue a paper straw or lollipop stick to either side of your fan. Take one sheet of paper.

Stay away from paper that is too stiff such as construction paper and cardboard paper. Fold a one inch crease and follow that by another one inch crease in the opposite direction. Once dry tie the centre tightly to create a bow shape.

Start at one end of the paper. Repeat this until the entire paper is folded. To start the fanfold fold one end over about one inch.

Be sure to choose a color you like. Overlap just a single half-an-inch section of both pieces of accordion-folded paper with the same pattern s facing up or down. You may use more than one sheet of paper if you want to make a bigger fan Step 2.

Keep flipping over and folding stopping when you get to the end and run out of paper. Fold the paper back and forth in a fanfold. Repeat for the second piece of paper.

You need 5 sheets of colored or patterned paper for each completed fan decoration. Secure with a glue gun to ensure it doesnt come apart. Choose two pieces of paper that are large enough to create the size fan you desire.

Add lots of pritt stick to BOTH sides of the lolly stick and insert into one end of your paper fan. Carefully fold your first piece of fan paper along the score marks like an accordion. Next when the glue is dry glue lolly sticks to the remaining two edges and allow to dry this will form your fan handles.

Bet making paper fans would be on the top of the list. Fold pleats into sheet of paper at the ends. One small roll of wrapping paper 20 sq ft the roll was about 18 tall and I got it on the dollar aisle at Target- This will make 4 large fans 14 sheets of coordinating 12×12 scrapbook paper 2 matching sheets for each of the 6 fans plus 2 for the centers-.

Draw a picture on the paper using pastel chalks or markers. Rewind and think about the various childhood activities you had done during your school holidays. If playback doesnt begin.

Since this was a Fall themed craft where we wanted fun pieces to hang for Halloween we choose plain orange paper but you could also pick variations on black white purple and green as well for ideal colors for this occasion. Write Clearly and Concisely Grammarly. Turn the sheet of paper over and make another one-inch fold.

You can purchase jumbo sheets of paper from your local arts and crafts store. Then once the string is secure tease two of the edges together and glue to secure them this will start to form your fan shape. Cut a 6×12-inch piece of construction paper.

Make sure an inch 2-3 cm sticks out at the bottom if you want to use these as paper hand fans. Repeat with the second popscicle stick on the other side. How to make a Paper Fan – Origami FAN – YouTube.

Here are some creative ways to make a fan out of paper newspaper scrap paper or gift wrapper that you can carry out with your kids. Snip the ends in a triangle or scallop shape with scissors. Make the first fold on a sheet by folding over one inch of paper and creasing.

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