How To Make Envelope

If you want to create a customized envelope whether for personal or professional use but dont want to invest the money having it done professionally Microsoft Word has you covered. Do not forget to bookmark this page so that you may easily refer back to the guide later on.

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To create your envelopes youll need a printer glue or tape and paper.

How to make envelope. The bottom lip is the triangle with a flat top. The tips of the triangles should NOT touch. Before you glue your envelope decorate it with washi tape.

Fold the bottom lip up. As long as the material is a little larger than the envelope template that you made in the previous step it will work. Take the piece of paper you want to be the outside of the envelope place it decorative-side down and rotate it so that it looks like a diamond.

Find Your Envelope Material. 5 Steps To Make a Card Envelope. To make standard white envelopes use white printer paper.

Its an DIY origami envelope which you can make easily by following the folding instru. Fold in Three Corners Fold three of the points toward the middle. Creating a customized envelope in Word is simple thanks to a feature designed for the task.

A cool trick is to use the side of your nail to sharpen the creases of your folds. If you want to use an address in the electronic address book installed on your computer click Insert Address. Scrapbook papers and patterned or colored can also be used to create.

Washi Tape Envelope. If you want to challenge yourself try to make envelopes with no tape. You may use these steps to create either personal or business envelopes.

You can also use white cardstock for a more sturdy envelope appropriate for a greeting card. Determine the cards theme content or purpose. Create and print or save an envelope On the Mailings tab in the Create group click Envelopes.

Then glue the left right and bottom flaps together making sure the flaps dont stick to the inside. You can make an envelope out of virtually any piece of paper or foldable plastic or starch-drenched fabric. Cut out the basic template then use it to make envelopes by drawing around it on patterned paper score the fold lines for each flap and cut out.

Being able to make an envelope out of a piece of paper makes you a bonafide artist. Used junk mail envelopes can work beautifully for this purpose. In the Delivery address box type the mailing address.

The points should meet in the center of the paper and should slightly overlap. Fold the right and left sides in. You can put washi tape on the seams where you will be gluing cover the entire envelope with washi tape or make a cute bunting to decorate the envelope.

How to make a paper envelope without any glue tape or scissors at home. Shared below is a step-by-step guide on how to craft excellent card envelopes. Washi Tape Stickers are another great way to put a creative spin on a DIY Envelope.

Folding paper to create an envelope actually has origins in the ancient Japanese art of origami. Use a regular envelop or a piece of paper to place under the the side triangles so you dont get any glue on the inside of the envelope.

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