How To Make A Paper Windmill

Httpsyoutube4WxNFGGi1yQThe Bat paper Airplane. Draw a polygon shape on a large sheet of cardboard or paper.

Paper Windmills Windmill Craft Paper Windmill Crafts

Decorate both sides then cut down the diagonal lines as far as the circle in the centre.

How to make a paper windmill. Push a pushpin or metal fastener carefully through the center of the paper. Stick the ball of putty on top of your straw or stick. Plain A4 piece of paper will be good but we recommend you get some colored paper for the nicer paper pinwheel.

Matching edges all round fold the paper in half diagonally and open out. Encourage your childs creativity and suggest using a magazine picture instead of plain paper. 7 Measure down 2cm from the top of your straw and using the same method above make a small hole going through the front and back.

Fold on these lines. HOW TO MAKE A PAPER WINDMILL Author. Cut two 20cm squares of paper one in each colour.

For each windmill cut two 14cm squares one red and one blue. Make sure it goes through all four corners and pokes out through the back. Cut the vertical lines that pass through the circle but only till the smaller circle shape that is inside your large circle.

6 Thread a bead onto the back of the paper fastener. Make sure you follow the instructions carefully so that your windmill. Windmill Template included scissors.

Why not look up some photos or videos of real windmills and wind turbines in action. Make sure the curved ends of the corners overlap. Now fold the paper in half twice in the other direction.

Cut out the square windmill template below. Trace diagonal lines from the center of the paper to every corner using a pencil and a ruler. Bring every other corner to the center of the square paper.

Instead of just plain paper use a picture or some design that will look cool when turning in the wind. Fold diagonally again this time on the opposite diagonal and open out. Then cut along each line with scissors stopping about ½ inch from the center.

This activity is also a great learning activity for observing cause and effect. In this video we show you how to make paper windmill pinwheel at homeBest Paper Glider in 30 seconds. Cut a piece of paper 8 inches x 10 inches.

The shape should be 9 inches on top 12 inches on bottom and 20 inches tall. We had a coloring mini-competition. Then stick the end of the pin or fastener into the putty.

Bring the points marked with an X to the centre of the circle and x in place with glue. Then take himher out and let them test their summer windmill. For this craft you will need.

I remember when I was a child how much I enjoyed running around making wind for my paper windmill. Cut out the template. This will stop the paper wings of your windmill rubbing against the straw and help it spin better.

Draw diagonal lines from corner to corner and make a 5cm cut along each line. Create your side templates. A dedicated origami paper would be the best but its not required.

Place one sheet on top of the other. A thin pin eg. Fold every other point towards the centre and glue in place.

Use a sharp pencil and a piece of plasticine to punch a small hole in the centre of the windmill. Cut out the circle shapes. In this video im gonna be showing you how to make A DIY paper windmilldont forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel to see more upcoming videos.

This will be used to create the sides of your windmill. Download your windmill template using the yellow button above. Push a paper fastener through all five holes.

If you use paper use a heavyweight paper such as butcher paper or posterboard. Glue back to back and leave to dry. To make the Paper Windmill all we need is paper Pin and a Straw.

Tacking pin used for sewing. This is an easy to follow instruction on how to make a simple fun filled craft which kids will enjoy to watch spin at the back garden. Narender Bisht Created Date.

Measure out lines 2 inches apart. Paper windmills are so much fun. What materials do I need to make a paper windmill.

Make this paper pinwheel or toy paper windmill craft.

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