How To Make A Paper Heart

Fold the paper in half to make a horizontal crease line across the paper. Trace a circle on a piece of paper.

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For the largest heart begin with a 12 inch strip of paper.

How to make a paper heart. Now you have one clover shaped base card of white color and two heart shaped cut out of red color. Twine or other ribbon to hang the paper hearts with. This is a wonderful Valentines Day craft.

Cut strips of paper 1 inch wide by 12 inches long. How To Make An Easy Paper Heart Under 2 MinutesA4 Paper – Valentine Origami For Beginners. A sheet of origami 15cm by 15cm is required to make a 3D Origami Heart.

Similarly cut one more paper heart out of red sheet. The smaller heart in the photo below was made with 2 4 strips of paper. Just look at what a beautiful heart you can make out of paper by yourself.

For each heart you will need 10 pieces of paper 5 different patterns. Of course bigger is ok too. Make these puffy origami hearts as party favors.

It is a simple folding origami heart tutorial and I outline each of the steps and explain them as I am. In this video I show you how to make a paper heart. Only one side of the paper will be visible in the finished figure.

How to Fold Your Heart. Then cut each piece 1 inch shorter. I used 6 strips for this demo to quill hearts that would be about 34 when finished.

First of all make all the square sheets ready and then go to the folding work. Let me show you how to make a DIY. Use a solid-color piece of paper thats at least 6 x 6 inches 15 x 15 cm when you make this model for the first time.

Unfold the last step. For the most traditional heart all thats needed are two strips of quilling paper each the same length. Fold the bottom left and bottom right corners up diagonally.

Fold the right hand side of the paper aligning the edge with the bottom point of the diamond. Card stock also works but if you go any thicker than that it will be difficult to get. Copy paper kami tant gift wrapping papers can all be used for this figure.

You can use any color combination to these paper heart if you are planning to give it to your husband. For this you just need to focus on the movement of your hand rather than scissors. Or how ever long your paper is.

Regular paper or scrapbook paper works well. It will be less time consuming if you have to make lots of paper heart for your decoration. Use medium sized scissors to make easy cut through your sheet.

Unfold the paper and fold the edge of the bottom flap to. Step-by-step Instructions for 3D Paper Hearts – Origami Method. Start with your paper with the white side up if you have one.

Make a smooth cut through this marked heart.

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