How To Make A Paper Bow And Arrow

Soak the craft stick in water for an hour or so. Increase arrow draw weight.

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Select the right arrow sticks.

How to make a paper bow and arrow. Repeat 1-6 with two other pieces of construction paper. First Take your paperclip and bend it out straight. The fold will be the most narrow at the crease.

How to make a bow and arrow. Sew the bottom of the strap to the bottom of the can and tie the strap with string so its adjustable through the eyelets. Precisely measure the width of the limb and place a mark on the tape in the exact center of each limb.

Hold the bow with your weaker arm in the middle of the bow. Tie the bow string securely on both ends of the bow and ensure that it is much shorter than the length of the unflexed bow. This will give it the much-needed strength that it deserves.

On the other hand left-handed archers do the same thing right of the first mark. I put this baby jar on top of it so that it would absorb the water and not just float at the top. Try to keep the folds as small as possible so that in the end you get a narrow stick.

Then I punched a hole with my crop-a-dile and added an eyelet to the top and one to the strap. Then grip the arrow with your thumb pointer and middle fingers each in between one of the paper feathers. Tighten both limb bolts a quarter turn at a time.

Pull a strand of dental floss and tie it on one of the far notches on one end of the craft stick. You have to take about an inch of the edge of each side of the paperclip and twirl them into a small circle so it can hold the rubber band. Fold the long sides in on the bottom section of the arrow starting at the bottom and working up to the crease.

To make the arrow add a little piece of folded felt or newspaper cloth at the end of the bamboo cane then wrap over the top of it with duct tape to keep it in place. The notches that you prepared should be able to hold the string into the correct position. Often indicates an arrow that is too stiff 1.

Fold the right top corner back over to the left side to form a point and then fold the left side over to finish the point of the arrow. Start folding at the bottom angle and continue folding until you have folded the entire paper. Carefully bend the craft stick until it makes a bow shape.

Pull back the arrow against the string as far as you can and watch the arrow fly you will be amazed by how far this easy to build bow. Because of the strength of the materials the bow will retain its shape and stay strong and tight. Secondly measure 316 48 mm to the left of the mark and this time make a larger vertical mark for right-handed archers.

Tape the loose end of the paper down. The leftover at the top is just tucked in.

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