How To Make A Envelope Out Of Paper

Hold the paper so it measures 11 wide. We wanted to make this as simple as possible so you only need a few basic crafting supplies to create your own custom envelopes.

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Then open after paper and fold the upper right corner of it along the center of the crease.

How to make a envelope out of paper. Go to Page Layout Size More Paper Sizes. Create a Word document Create a Word document thats the exact same size as your envelopes. 2 Fold the paper at the marks.

The folded paper should be touching the crease of the paper. Then fold the cardstock paper neatly with your hands. Open out the card.

You should have a square shape with scalloped edges. Cut four triangular pieces of pink dotted paper to fit the envelope flaps. Cut out envelope shapes using the free envelope template.

Enter the size of your envelope in the Width and Height fields and click OK. Each edge will fold in a triangle shape to create the pocket of your envelopeStep 3 Trace the shape of the envelope. Place the card in the middle horizontally.

Paper Envelope Making. For other ways to make envelopes including a square origami envelope read on. Mel Stampz has free A2 free envelope templates for both side opening and top opening envelopes.

You now have an envelope shape with an excess point on the back sticking up on the right-hand side. Place the card at the bottom-center of the sheet of paper then fold in the sides of the paper so that they cover the edges of the card. Stick all the papers in place as shown.

Step 1 Find an envelope in a size you would like to copy. How To Make Paper Envelope. Fold up a piece of your stationery to make sure that it will fit in your envelopeStep 2 Turn the envelope to the back side.

Score at 12 on both ends. Fold up the short edge 4 inches and crease. The dotted lines on the template are fold lines.

It helps to do this on a gridded mat or use a ruler or straight edge to make sure the points of the papers edge are even and the card is. Its a DIY origami envelope making video tutorial where Ive shown a simple envelope making just with a few simple foldsFollowin. The points should meet in the center of the paper and should slightly overlap.

Fold up the paper with the card still inside it along the top edge of the card. Cut a piece of floral paper to fit the centre of the card. Score at 2 14 and 7 12.

Take the piece of paper you want to be the outside of the envelope place it decorative-side down and rotate it so that it looks like a diamond. A2 Envelope Templates. How to make a paper envelope without any glue tape or scissors at home.

If you make your own cards this is a great envelope size because it will fit 4 cards or 2 folded cards that have been cut from an 8 12 X 11 piece of paper. What Materials do I Need. Turn the folded paper over with the folded short flat edge at the bottom and the two longer folded edges on the sides.

These tell you how to fold up the paper into an envelope. Its okay if your tracing isnt absolutely perfect. Place the paper on a score board so it measures 8 14 wide.

Turn paper on the diagonal so the points are horizontal and vertical it will resemble a diamond shape as pictured. Fold the bottom edge of the paper up to the bottom of the triangle at the top of the paper. 1 Put a mark on both sides of the paper 5 up from the bottom.

Its an DIY origami envelope which you can make easily by following the folding instru. Fold in Three Corners Fold three of the points toward the middle. Trending Content on Homemade Gifts Made Easy.

A crease is now created in the middle of it. Place your envelope template on top of the paper youll be making an envelope out of. 4 Mark an inch inside each of the folds.

Finally fold the triangle down to close the envelope and tape the edges of the envelope shut. Simply click on the title above the photo to be taken to the step by step tutorial. As long as youve got the general shape there the envelope will turn out great.

3 Fold the leftover paper over the top of the other fold. A2 is probably the most common envelope size for cards. Join the two corners of the paper and make sure that it is divided into two equal halves lengthwise.

Then use a pen or pencil to trace around the template. Utilize fun papers like stationery maps book pages scrapbook paper and even kids artwork. Use your fingers or an X-Acto knife to carefully lift the folded edges of the envelope 1 by 1.

Fold up your message so it fits inside the envelope then stick it inside.

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