How To Make A Butterfly

Butterflies will use this natural shelter to roost at night or even to hibernate over the winter. Use any kind of washi tape that you have to make these.

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When your butterfly is dry cut out the outline with sharp scissors.

How to make a butterfly. These can be spaced as you see fit. How to make Origami paper butterflies Easy craft DIY crafts Origami papercraftIn this video I will show How to Make origami Paperbutterflies paperc. Butterflies will use the slots to enter and exit the house.

Butterflies do need shelter from wind and rain but you dont need a fancy shingled house to protect them. Grab the front piece youve just made the 30 x 5 58 piece. Add water to the mashed fruits to make them easier for the butterflies or put out clean fresh water daily in a shallow dish with pebbles in so that butterflies can drink safely.

Cut out the wings carefully and stick colored buttons with glue. Pick up the butterfly and twist the upper wing around about 20 times let go. Cedar pine and redwood are also good choices for building a butterfly house.

Take a clean paintbrush and make it damp and dip it into the powder. Use your fingers to squish down on the center to create the wings of the butterfly. The center of the coffee filter will become the butterflys body while the sides will be the wings.

Each should measure 4 long x ½ wide. To make a paper butterfly grab a piece of origami paper fold it in half unfold it and then fold it in half the other way. Paint the toilet paper roll with a color of your choice and allow it to dry To make the wings fold a piece of cardstock in half.

The top wire tails get taped to the top edge of the upper wings. Trace the outline of a butterfly or you can draw it yourself. It would unwind smoothly but a little slower because the wings are heavier.

Next fold the paper in half diagonally unfold it and fold the opposite diagonal. And the bottom wires get taped to the inner edge of the bottom wings. Washi tape is a great crafting supply to keep on hand for a variety of projects.

Find the center of the coffee filter then press the edges of the filter toward each other. Make your own Bubble Mixture and then create this wonderful Bubble Art Butterflies perfect for Preschoolers and love the use of buttons And yes a Preschooler Butterfly Classic. If you want your butterfly to shimmer like some real butterflies do Use pearlex powder to add some sheen.

This butterfly washi tape craft is no exception. Fill the feeder with nectar then place the feeder on a stake or hang it from a tree near your garden. If you want to create larger or smaller butterflies adjust your paper size accordingly.

Take your cue from nature and provide them with a simple log pile in a corner of the yard. Butterfly Washi Tape Craft. Bring the mixture to a boil then wait for it to cool before you add it to the feeder.

Match the papers lower edge to the upper edge and smooth the crease with your fingers starting from the center and working your way out. Then in careful strokes add some sheen to your butterfly. Put outside and left untreated the wood will weather to a warm silvery-gray color.

You can also make your own butterfly food by mixing 1 part sugar with 1 part water. Create the slots. You should now have what looks like a butterfly.

Measure and mark six vertical rectangles. Once you have 4 folds intersecting in the exact center of the paper bring the right and left creases together to create a triangle. 2 Make a horizontal valley crease.

Pine takes paint well and for a more colorful option paint butterfly box out of inexpensive pine and then painted it in bright colors. The Coffee Filter Butterflies we show how to make these using craft sticks pipe cleaners or clothes pegs These butterflies look gorgeous for decorating a childs bedroom wall as we have done. You can find butterfly feeders and nectar at most garden supply stores.

Butterflies love nectar but in place of that put out overripe mashed fruit such as bananas pears oranges melons plums berries and pineapple. Tape each wing to the body of the butterfly.

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