How To Fold Paper Into Cute Note

Tuck the corner into. Pull-tab secret square jumping frog and heart.

Seemevt How To Fold Notes Crafts Fun

Sending a special note and dont have an envelope.

How to fold paper into cute note. Take the left edge of the paper and fold the paper toward the center of the paper about one-third of the way. Fold in half so the lower point touches the upper point. Then flip the paper over and fold 13 upwards toward the center.

Fold the bottom edge towards the bottom of the triangle part. Grab the triangle sitting on top of the square and fold the edge beneath one of the triangles in the square. Depending on the size of the paper itll be like folding your paper into thirds.

Fold upper right corner to left side making a 45 degree right triangle above the rest of the paper. Lay the paper horizontally in front of you. Next fold down the first layer of the triangle peak.

Fold the top two corners in towards the center of the page. Make a paper heart using origami the traditional Japanese folk art of paper folding. With Valentines Day coming I think we should all write fun folded notes to each other.

Next fold the bottom right corner towards the center fold. Fold the edges of the parallelograms facing the center straight over. The tip of the triangle that appears on the left side should line up with the left edge of the paper.

Fold the remaining 13 towards the center until you have a small rectangle. Hee and a red pen. Start with a few blank sheets of notebook paper hee.

Flip vertically and repeat on the other side. Flip the origami over so that the inside of the note is facing up. The Write Tuck.

Having said that I definitely dont suggest spending 2 hours. I know a few people who are definitely getting one. Fold the top right corner in all the.

Take a regular sheet of notebook paper and write your note on it. You should have two triangles making a square shape in the center with an equally-sized triangle sitting on each side. Flip the paper over then fold.

Fold the top right corner over again to make a triangle shape at the top of the paper. For more information and to get started making paper hearts yourself take a look. Here are a few of the folds I remember.

In this four part series learn how to fold your letter into cool shapes so you can deliver them on their own. Fold the two points in towards the center. I want to be a cheesy girl and fold the letter all cute-like but apparently 13-page thick letters are not the most cooperative for complex note-folding.

Consequently I wasted a few good hours of my day learning new ways to fold letters so that I could fold each page separately. Then fold over the top right corner so the top edge of the paper is lined up with the left edge. Your paper should resemble the state of Tennessee backwards a parallelogram.

With the paper still horizontal on the left side about 1 inch inward from the bottom point fold the. Then fold each side edge inwards towards the center. Fold the left edge diagonally upward at a 45-degree angle and fold the right edge diagonally downward at a 45-degree angle.

This free origami video lesson presents complete instructions on how to make your own paper hearts from a folded letter. Part 1 of 4 – How to Fold your letter into a cool shape. The only supplies you will need are your hands and your letter.

Fold the Paper Toward the Center.

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