How To Fold Origami Frog

This is a fun easy origami project for making paper frogs. Step 3 Fold the paper in half vertically again and then unfold it.

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Crease well then unfold.

How to fold origami frog. Make sure to fold the legs underneath the body of the frog. Repeat on the other side. The Completed Frog Base.

Bend the back end as forward as possible and form a triangle. Fold it in half horizontally. Position the frog as its shown on the 4th image above and fold it backwards along the red line you can help yourself with the ruler or a credit card etc.

The frog will still look good in the end and itll still jump. Pinch and fold the paper down along the existing creases. Flip over and fold the two outer corners towards the center.

Bring the top right corner down to the left and unfold it right away. Fold the lower right diagonal edge inwards to align with the vertical crease. Here are the following stepsStep 1.

Now roll back the paper and fold this triangle it into half so that a smaller triangle is formedstep 3. Unfold the previous step. Step 1 Start with a square sheet of paper with the white side up.

Insert the two folds forming the head into the pockets and press down. You can make big and small frogs and if you gently press the back theyll jump. It will now look like the image number 4 and 5 if you flip it.

Step 2 Fold the paper in half vertically. Fold both of your top corners to the opposite edge of the index card. Fold it in half horizontally and un then unfold.

Read on to learn how to fold an origami frog. This is the front of our origami paper the frog will end up being this colour. Repeat on the other side.

This pointed end forms the head of the frog. Fold each flap into the centre. Fold the card in half vertically creasing firmly.

You can fold each of the flaps in any order you want but if you followed these instructions exactly everything should be perfect. The open end of the square should be at the top. Origami Jumping Frog Instructions If you are using paper with only one colored side start with the white side facing up.

At the spot where the diagonal creases meet in the middle fold your index card backward. Position the frog so that the long back legs are facing you and fold it in half near where the body is narrowest. This fold contains a pocket on either sides.

What you just did was take a Square Base Squash Fold each of the 4 flaps and then made a Petal Fold on each one. Now fold back the triangle and make it into two equal halves. Fold the right section over to the left so that you will be able to open it out.

When youre finished your origami jumping frog should look like the picture to the left. Fold the bottom corner up to the centre. This is the back of the paper this colour will not be visible on our final frog.

These form the legs of the frog. Fold the frog in half. First of all take a sheet of paper and fold it into half diagonally forming a triangleStep 2.

Repeat on the other side. Put the paper down flat in front of you. Fold the bottom corner up to the centre.

This video illustrate how to fold a paper frog. Start with an origami square base. Fold the rectangle in half crease firmly and unfold it.

Now fold the frog along the blue line fold it forwards.

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