How To Fold Notebook Paper Into A Heart

I remember in high school my friends and I were constantly writing notes back. Depending on the size of the paper itll be like folding your paper into thirds.

How To Make A Paper Heart How To Make A Paper Heart Paper Hearts Origami Paper Heart

If you dont like the white look a love letter in red construction paper could also be folded thus for the same purpose.

How to fold notebook paper into a heart. Next fold down the first layer of the triangle peak. Fold the right half upwards so that its left edge lines up with the center crease. And repeat with the other side.

In this four part series learn how to fold your letter into cool shapes so you can deliver them on their own. Subscribe and like snapchat. There should now be a crease going down the center of your narrowly folded paper.

Easy Fold Heart Note. Fold the right flap towards the center. Fold the upper point of the diamond down.

Fold a boat out of a regular sheet of paper. Fold the left half upwards so that its right edge lines up with the center crease. Sending a special note and dont have an envelope.

You should then see the message on the outside of the heart right panel below. Fold each side edge in towards the center. If you dont see any text its because your heart is upside down so fold the bottom corner up to meet the top instead.

12921 Video added. Fold the bottom edge towards the bottom of the triangle part. Turn the paper over and fold the top corner down to meet the bottom.

The diamond will be folded in half. A channel where we do things and overcome life one step at a time. Fold the top right point toward the center right to form the top shape of the heart.

Fold and unfold in half both directions. This is what it should look like afterward. Flip over and fold the top of the front triangle down.

Paper Heart Note-Fold Tutorial Do you remember passing notes in class when you were young. Fold the bottom edge up until it meets with the bottom of the diamond. It works best with 85 x 11 loose-leaf notebook paper of course.

Fold right side of the paper in to line up with the diamond shape leaving a small gap between the diamond shape and the diagonal fold of the flap optional I personally think this gives the heart a good shape you can line it up right beside the other fold. For Valentines Day this year write your sweetie a note and stick it in a pocket or a lunchbox. Make the fold at approximately 13 of the way up.

Folding A NoteLetter Notebook Paper into A Heart You can write a love message on a square piece of notebook paper and fold it into a heart for your Valentine. Put a sheet of notebook paper in front of me and it comes back like it was yesterday. Fold the two base triangle points upwards to the top point.

To continue flip it over. Fold the paper in half crosswise then unfold it. Part 1 of 4 – How to Fold your letter into a cool shape.

Heres a quick how-to on folding one of those hearts. The only supplies you will need are your hands and your letter. Fold up the bottom of the rectangle.

Cut the paper in half and use one of the rectangles.

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