How To Cut Paper Snowflakes

If youre sloppy with your folding you may end up with just a bunch of paper scraps. The folding is the most important part of cutting a paper snowflake.

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Once at the pointed end and once at the other end.

How to cut paper snowflakes. Then fold the rectangle into the. You can cut all the way across the folded paper twice. Tips for cutting snowflakes Its easier to cut through the folded paper if you open the scissors up wide instead of trying to cut with just the tips of the scissors.

Fold in half down the middle. Fold a square piece of paper into a triangle as shown below. Instructions to Make an Easy Cut-Out Snowflake Pattern Fold bottom left corner up to the right side of the paper edge.

Heres my method for folding there are many different ways but I like. Next place the resulting triangle on a flat surface with the center point facing down. It is very easy to make.

Fold it in half corner to corner to make a triangle. Imagine dividing it into thirds. Fold the triangle in half again.

Fold it in half to create a triangle. Makes one snowflake Prep 10 mins. How to fold a paper snowflake.

Next fold the paper in half at the arrow but pull the tip of the triangle down like so Image 3. Square of paper any size or color thinner paper is easier to cut Sharp scissors. How to Cut Out Snowflakes from Paper.

Please subscribe comment like and. First s tart with a square sheet of paper and fold it into a triangle Image 1. You will need A square piece of paper if using A4 paper simply fold the bottom of the paper upwards into a triangle and cut away the excess Scissors.

Then fold it in half again Image 2. Fold one corner across as shown above in 4. ПОДПИШИСЬ httpsgooglmivAGKIn this video I will show you how to make Mini Paper Snowflake.

Fold it in half again corner to corner making a smaller triangle. Start with a square piece of paper the same size you want your finished snowflake to be. How to cut paper snowflakes and ideas for how to use them.

The folding is the MOST important part of cutting a paper snowflake. The easiest way to cut the paper into a perfect square is first to fold one corner of the paper to meet the opposite edge creating a triangle and a rectangle. Start with a perfect square.

Ill repeat that again. Fold bottom right corner up to the left side. The key to a good snowflake is folding technique.

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