How To Create A Box To Hold Cards From Paper

Make a lightweight box by printing directly on cardstock. Just use your hands to gently curl and tuck the walls inward the 2 opposite walls at the same time.

Stationery Box Stationery Box Diy Stationary Stationary Box

Julies box measures 2-34 x 2-34 x 1-38.

How to create a box to hold cards from paper. Press the non-serrated edge of the butter knife on the cardstock right up against the ruler. Line the paper tubes up slightly staggered. Hold your butter knife with the serrated side facing up.

Learn how to craft a paper box to hold cards. Roll the paper tube back and forth between your hands while applying slight pressure to add creases and help the paper stay in that form. How to Make Rectangular Box Lid Read all of the steps before starting.

Fold the four edges of the paper gift box. Step 3 Flip the cards over so the cut. Another option is to make the boxes out of wallpaper which lets you make a larger box.

This card is perfect for occasions when you want to send someone a gift card money or even a special photograph. Use a small piece of tape to hold it in place. Download and print the pattern.

Repeat for heavier papers. Choose a Pattern and Print It. Use the same method to make the box bottom and the box top.

Make columns from the remaining 16 sheets. Curl in your four walls. Make a 12 x 12 inch paper card box.

Choose a box to make. Hold the folded edge with the tabs up. This video demonstrates how to make a card box out of fancy paper.

Push all the triangular ends into place at the bottom of the box. Bend the tabs so they line up with the other side. The cut should go exactly halfway up the cards.

The two pockets folded into the front of the card can hold any of these items and can be embellished to add even more interest and dimension to the overall card design. Make a cut on the right side of the cards about half an inch from the left edge. Carefully place the brick on top of the staggered line of tubes.

Card-stock to Make Your Own Gift Box I found that 12 x 12 inch scrapbooking paper is the perfect size for making these boxes. Take the 8 12-inch bottom of the paper and roll it toward the top of the paper to make a tight tube. Press down very firmly on the cardstock and pull the knife down the ruler keeping even pressure on the paper the entire time.

Place one sheet of paper on a flat surface so it stands 11-inches tall. Simply fold up the four bottom edges of the paper gift box aiming to perfectly align the folds with the cut edge so there are no gaps. Usually I buy mine at a scrapbooking store but sometimes I also find some beautiful papers on eBay.

Scoring the lines like this helps the paper to fold more easily in the next steps Step 2 Put glue or double sided tape on the side-tab then close the template into a tube shape. After making this adorable and unique diagonal-lidded box I decided to challenge myself and adjust the measurements to eliminate wasted paper and cardstock – basically to make this box more doable for a class setting or for someone who wants to make several of them for wedding favors party gifts etc. Cut along all the solid lines then score along the dashed lines using a butter-knife and ruler.

Fold the other edge up and over the tabs. For a stronger box print on computer paper and trace or transfer the pattern to cardboard before proceeding. Usually no glue is required to keep the box together however if you find the folds coming open use a small dab of glue to fasten in place.

Allow the tube to expand slightly then add a wrap of tape around the tube to secure it. Lay aside one sheet of 8 12 by 11-inch paper. Card Fold Template 1.

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