How Do You Make A Ninja Star

A piece of square paper that is approximately that size will work just as well. Its fun to use two different colors.

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You could also use two different coloured sheets.

How do you make a ninja star. 1 Fold the bottom half of the paper along the folded line you made at a 90 degree angle. You can even use sticky notes. 3 Flip the paper over.

Fold the top right corner down on the pink paper. Fold the top right corner in and down. 2x printer paper A4How To Make a Paper Ninja Star Shuriken – OrigamiWelco.

Subscribe to not miss out on any. To create a two-tone ninja star like this one fold one sheet with a mountain fold and the other with a valley fold. Now fold these in half vertically so you.

Youll need two pieces of paper for each ninja star. For the other piece of paper do the opposite and fold the left side down and the right side up. Do the same thing to the bottom left square.

First grab and hold the shuriken by one of its tips vertically Then point the back of your hand in the direction you want to make the throw Now flick your wrist And release the ninja star. Subscribe for more amazing videos. This origami video shows how to make a 4 point star.

2 Do the same thing for the top. From paper airplanes to ninja stars and transforming origami you can find it all on this channel. Once youve got two 21 pieces fold them in half so that you they are are 41 in size.

Make a cool and easy paper creation with only 8 squares of paper and your hands. However the pattern on your finished star will vary depending on what side you began with. For one piece of paper fold the left side up and the right side down.

Fold each half diagonally Now fold each piece in half the other way and unfold it to form a crease as shown. The pink one is complete and you can see the creases that the purple one will have. This is the traditional throwing star or ninja star It can be made from two one dollar bills or a square sheet cut in half to make two rectangles.

4 Fold the top edge of the little square at the top right to the left edge. Mix and match different types colors and sizes. Origami How To Make A Magic Paper Ninja Star.

A easy way to do it is by taking two regular pieces of paper and folding them to make a square. For this you will need 8 sheets of square paper all of the same size. To begin fold the first dollar bill in half lengthwise.

If youre starting with 85 x 11 paper fold it over as shown to create a square. The best tutorials of the coolest origamis and paper crafts. Fold the bottom left corner up on the pink paper.

It does not matter which side of the bill you place face up on the table. This video tutorial is in the Arts Crafts category where you will learn how to make a magic paper ninja star. Cut off the excess.

Fold one sheet in half open it up and fold both corners of one edge inwards along. Httpsbitly33SNrhK My Paper and Size. Sticky notes do not have to be used.

You will need two bills to make a ninja star. For the purple paper fold the bottom left corner in and up.

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