Diwali Lantern Making Steps

Here are two types of lanterns that are simple and fun to make. Required things Foam sheets of two different colors A stapler.

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Create a festive paper lantern with fun block prints and fresh flowers this Diwali.

Diwali lantern making steps. Step 2- Utilizing a brush spread the outside of the container with stick. Now place potentiometer and LDR sensor on top of plate and make connection with external wires from. Diwali lantern making ideas.

The length should be such that when you roll it into a cylinder it should have a diameter of 6 to 7 inches 1524cm to 1778cm. Simple akaashkandil Diwali lantern tutorial This simple paper lantern is definitely a fun activity with kids and family and im sure i can make millions of them. Cover one part of the pattern at a time.

Clear glass jar transparent Craft wire or even heavier string could work Beads. First take top laser cut part of lantern and fix electronic circuit on it as per shown in picture with help glue gun. The third card-stock needs to be cut into square shapes to cover the top and bottom of this cuboid.

Step 3-Take a needle with thread and make a stack of a few strips of thermocol. Step 2-Slice the strips from the middle into two halves. Using your scissors cut slits from the bottom edge to within 2cm of the top edge.

Select 3 or 4 colored craft papers and cut them according to the different parts of the cut out pattern. Simple Steps To Make Diwali Lantern At Home. Attach the top edge of the fringe and stick into the bottom edge of the lantern.

DECORATE your Diwali Lantern. How to Draw Diwali Lanterns. Start to make a beautiful paper lantern for Diwali by laying out three sheets of A4 paper end to end to form one long sheet.

To avoid this cancel and sign in to YouTube on your computer. Brightly colored tissue paper in the spirit of Diwali Sequins or glitter. The idea is so very simple yet the output is so elegant that im making them for my kids birthday party.

Basically the idea is to fold two A4 size card-stocks into halves and then stick together to form a cuboid form. Step 3- At that point begin staying the paper strips on the container consistently. This is the basic layout and based on the changes in dimension and designspatterns you.

Procedure Cut the foam sheet in a rectangular shape. There are many different ways one can make a Diwali lantern. Once you have the papers in place tape or glue them together.

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How to make DIY paper lantern for diwali. Take a sheet of paper in a contrasting colour. The first step to make a diwali lantern is to cut the dark coloured paper into a rectangle of a width 8 to 9 inches 2032cm to 2286cm.

Make outline for shape as shown in diagram. A ruler and pencil. Attach a piece of string to the top edge so you can hang your lantern up.

Then fold the entire sheet in half lengthwise. Cut the tissue paper into small piecesdepending on your childs age they could also do this step. Apply glue around the sides of the selected part of the pattern.

Step 4-Now pass the needle through the bunch of thermocol at the start of the thermocol stack. Lets start assembling laser cut parts and electronics part together. How to Do How To Make Diwali Lantern At Home Step 1- Cut the paper into various estimated strips.

Draw outline for square. First start the tutorial by drawing square.

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