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Swipe to see some of these. The biggest difference in this version is that it is closed from below this keeps the figure tall unlike the previous version.

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15 hours Detail of the head showing the crazy amount of legs in front.

Shuki kato ohmu. If you do then post on here what models you want him to diagram and put in a book and also ideas for a book then maybe hell read this and see how many people want him to make a book then he may make one. I know if he did I would be the first to buy it. This site uses cookies to improve your experience and to help show content that is more relevant to your interests.

An origami Ohmu from Hayao Miyazakis manga masterpiece Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind I designed and folded this model over the span of five or six days. Rorigami is a subreddit to share and discuss origami the art of paper folding. Heres another video finally featuring a collection of my favorite recent origami designs.

Origami Ohmu by shukikato on Flickr. 19 square tracing paper Time to. Peregrine Falcon designed by wattsan folded by me from 19 inch Double Tissue that was fun.

One 21 square of O-gami. By Dominik Meissner wwwOrimede. Brachiosaurus -Designed in 2003 revised 2011.

Tenma H7 Wing Variation 2. Sorry boss computer is being real. Shuki Kato Folded From.

2007 2014 2016 The original Guyver OVA from 1986 has always been a favorite of mine despite some of. Shukikato recent interesting random favorites. Shuki Katos book Post by phillipcurl November 28th 2012 921 pm I like the idea of selling both the book and individual diagrams but I think the Kudu root boorer Ohmu ZD Dragonfly v4 and Parasauralophus should be included in the book.

Hes devoured just about every origami manual available and has long ago graduated from following the steps system of folding to be able to fold a model directly from looking at a crease pattern for example. The difficulty is purely based on how complicated I think the crease pattern looks. Enjoy more photos in the Origami art gallery.

Heres the first version I designed a couple years ago for comparison. Have any comments or suggestions for this article. One 21 square of O-gami Size.

Here youll find links to a huge number of free origami crease patterns from all over the Internet. Which one did you like. African ancient andrey animal anime antelope asian asuka atlas bactrian bear beetle bison book borer box brachiosaurus buffalo bug bugs burrington butterfly camel carnosaur caucasus chad city complex convention cp crease diagrams diaz dino dinosaur dog double dragon dragonfly eastern elephant enzyme ermakov essence eva.

An origami Ohmu from Hayao Miyazakis manga masterpiece Nausicaa of the valley of the Wind. By using this site you agree to the use of cookies by Flickr and our partners as described in our cookie policy. Posted by 3 days ago.

This design has 14 eyes 48 legs and a whole bunch of segments. Shuki Kato Folded From. I designed and folded this model over the span of five or six days.

Go on and try them out youll just need a flat paper and a good trusted imagination. The model also has 10 more legs and slightly different proportions. The difficulty ranges from Beginner Easy Intermediate Advanced Super Complex.

I have finally got the hang of curved folding. Shukis been doing origami the art of folding a traditionally square piece of paper no folding or cutting since he was nine. Some of the revised crease patterns are not shown here because they are exclusive to my new book Origami Nature Study at least for a short while.

Origami Ohmu Base loaded 4 57 -. 8 from back to front Time spent folding. Special thanks to Lieven Peeters for his Progress Pics in the Cp drive.

This design has 14 eyes 48 legs and a whole bunch of segments – Shuki Kato. Shuki Katos Ohmu folded by me. Posted by 5 days ago.

Tenma H7 Wing Variation 1. Ohmu actually have a human-like mouth in between or maybe under those legs oh Miyazaki no bug in the world has anatomy like that. Ohmu Designed by Shuki Kato and Folded by Xu Daniel Crease pattern available from Shuki Katos Flickr Heres an awesome origami version of Goku from Dragonball Z.

Up to present origami keeps on growing with many new designs and structures. Shuki Katos book. Crease Patterns marked with a heart are some of my favourites.

Ryu Zin 21 Finished Precreasing. Maybe if enough people want him to he will. Double swirl by phillip chapman bell.

Five petal hibiscus flower folded from silver.

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