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The form of Kusudama goes back to before written history. Bird-of-paradise Flower Strelitzia Reginae pdf 329.

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Medicine ball is a paper model created by sewing or gluing multiple identical pyramidal units together through their points to form a spherical shape.

Modular origami kusudama. The value in between the parentheses represent the number of units needed to complete the modular origami model. If you try finding origami paper online you will face hundreds of different packs and types of paper. I used very small clothes pegs to hold it together as I was making it.

With some remarkable examples here is the basic difference between the two. I found Maria Sinayskaya Etna kusudama in Meenakshi Mukerjis Exquisite Modular Origami book. Modular origami star folded from 8 square sheets of paper.

Oct 22 2019 – Japanese kusudama 薬玉. This is the gallery of Lukasheva Ekaterina paper art. Image Credit Flickr User immortalninjak.

As well see pictures at from the flickr pool. Its a really pretty model and robust once its assembled but it can be a bit fally-aparty during construction. Different types of origami require different types of paper.

Some of the more complex kusudamas though can have a lot. These models typically use 30 individually folded units joined together without the use of tape or glue. Kusudama is important in origami particularly as a precursor to the modular origami genre.

I adore modular origami technique kusudamas and papercraft geometric objects. Kusudama is a traditional Japanese art form which has evolved in to what is now generally referred to as modular origami. Ayo Melipat Lets Fold Origami Star and Kusudama pdf 1800.

Lets try to see First of all there are a lot of subtopics in origami. You can find here visual ideas some diagrams and tutorials of my beautiful kusudamas. In Japan the word kusudama originally meant medicine ball possibly referring to a.

It is often confused with modular origami but it is not because the units are strung or pasted together. In the West it is referred to as modular origami but in Eastern Europe and South America the Japanese word kusudama is commonly used for balllike modular origami figures. Modular origami involves folding a number of identical units and then assembling them together in a single shape a flat origami star or a 3D kusudama.

Kusudamas are modular origami models where multiple units are fit together to form a ball-like shape. The name kusudama translates to something like Medicine Ball in Japanese. While it might be perfect for single-sheet origami flowers its a bit too big for multi-piece modulars.

They were originally used for incense and potpourri which I guess is where the name comes from. The word kusudama literally means Medicine Ball when translated from Japanese. Beginners Book of Modular Origami Polyhedra.

Image Credit Flickr User edomite. Many of the diagrams here are from Modular MM Mania – its a must see site. 15 cm harmony origami paper was cut to 5 x 75 cm rectangles to make this kusudama.

Modular Origami Kusudama Stars by Maria Sinayskaya. The only difference is that the pattern wont be uniform along all the pieces. A kusudama for those not familiar with the term is a modular papercraft model in the shape of a ball.

Origami Modular Kusudama ver2 Кусудама оригамиHow to make the kusudamaMy paper. What is good for. There are several names for modular origami throughout the world.

Chain of Hearts Modular pdf 200. You still can cut them in various shapes. Origami paper 10cm x 10cm 12 sheets.

30 Absolutely Beautiful Origami Kusudamas.

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