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26 Non-Traditional but Still Awesome Origami Dragons. Its one of my favorite achievements D.

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You can see the front here and boy does he look mean.

Large origami dragon. Fold down the diamond shape. The inside of his wings have had foil added. The Origami Dragon Kaiser is a tough-looking red dragon by Kade Chan and folded from a single piece of paper.

16 Cute Little Origami Dragons. Now you can join two opposite corners and flatten to make a little square. Crease pattern available from Gen Hagiwaras Flickr.

27 Spectacular Western-Style Origami Dragons. Kamiya Satoshi Divine DragonBahamut. The dragon can be used defensively by curling around Rie.

Fold up the first layer of the bottom end flatten carefuly to obtain a diamond shape. Dragon Designed by Gen Hagiwara and Folded by Fernando Castellanos. First of all fold you piece of paper on both diagonals and open it again.

This is an origami version of Smaug the dragon from JRR. Each of these rectangles makes one triangle. Kade Chan has made a video showing how to fold version 1 of the Fiery.

18 Incredible Eastern Style Origami Dragons. DESCRIPTION This Large Origami Paper Dragon Mobile in foil paper and custom colors is handmade with care and makes a colorful addition to any room that needs a little whimsical decor. Each foil dragon takes 60 minutes to fold and shape.

Turn over the piece of paper and now fold it horizontally and vertically and open it again. Cut whatever paper you want into a 3in by 2in rectangle. The Simplest Steps To Make Origami Dragon At Home.

This is folded from a single sheet of paper. I will be using a much larger piece for the primary demo to make it easier to see what i am doing. Just follow the instructions carefully given below and make it along you will see at the end you will be having an origami dragon in your hand.

Fold the bottom part of the diamond shaped wings of the origami dragon upwards. You are going to need to cut your paper into small rectangles that are twice as wide as they are tall. Repeat Step 6 to get the finished origami dragon head.

Fold down the top little end to the horizontal line underneath and unfold. And yes three hours is about the least amount of time youll need just to watch how to make it. You can take any colour of origami paper to make this dragon.

How to make an origami dragon. Step 7. Rie summons a large origami dragon from the air.

Enjoy the origami Chinese dragon that youve just made. You will need about 120 of them so go get cutting. Fold the top corner down and open the last 3 folds.

For the dragon in the picture I used 2 inch by 1 inch rectangles. The amazing legendary dragon looks like a large serpentine creature that can be of different colors with or without wings. In order to make this dragon and many other 3D origami projects you need to start with the triangle.

Do the same thing on the opposite end of the origami paper instead this time to make a tail. Rie can mount the dragon and use it as a means of transportation 2. Designed by Satoshi Kamiya one of the most advanced origami masters in the world this is basically the ultimate origami dragon.

The dragon can be used for a few different purposes. It took me about an hour to fold Fiery Dragon Version 1 and about 2 hours to fold v2. How to make an Origami Darkness Dragon 20 Tadashi Mori – YouTube.

You can get about 12-14 depending on what paper you use. Both these models need a fairly large piece of reasonably thin paper. This is an origami dragon from one large paper.

The dragon can attack by biting crashing into the target or by striking the target with its claws or tail 3. Origami dragons are still some of my all time favourite origami models and Ive already made several posts with big impressive paper dragons. Email me with the colors you would like included -.

Our pink and purple origami dragon symbolizes supernatural strength extraordinariness great wisdom and a challenge to be rewarded. Finally we have what may just be my all time favourite dragon of all time. It can be made in big or small sizes as per your wish.

Turn over the origami and start over the last 4 steps.

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