How To Fold A Tuxedo

If youre fortunate enough to have your tuxedo custom made for you then a good fit should be built right into the suit by the tailor. Leave a little room at the top 15in.

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Dont forget the value of a pocket square and the splash of color it can bring to your look.

How to fold a tuxedo. Try on the suit and assess the fit features that cannot be altered by a tailor. Some other unique forms of folding a tuxedo kerchief are the Presidential fold TV fold One-point fold Cagney Astaire Straight Shell and Diagonal Shell. Flip the napkin over so the folded edge is underneathFold each top corner of the triangle down towards centre point.

You should now have a rectangle half the size of your handkerchiefStep 3 Fold the bottom upwards. Fold each side across the middle to overlap each other. Step 3 Fold both sides in along the dotted lines.

In this video well show you how to do the Tuxedo Fold. Jar of Love Bundle Delightful Daisy DSP cutitnothoardit. Dress your table in a few minutes with this fold.

Fold a tuxedo handkerchief. They give an elegant touch and are easy to handle. Any table with an uncrowded space will be idealStep 2 Fold the handkerchief in half.

All you need is one square napkin you dont need any napkin rings. With this video learn how to fold a handkerchief for the pocket of your tuxedo jacket. Once you get the bottom flipped under fold the edges to the back as well until it forms a tuxedo jacket shape.

Step 1 Fold the paper in half both ways and unfold it each time. The best type of kerchiefs used for formal events are the crisp white cotton or linen ones. Step 4 Fold the top layers of paper out along the dotted lines and then unfold.

Fold down the top by about 1. 2Fold the bottom corner up and instead of matching it perfectly to the top corner leave it slightly to the left. Step 2 Fold the top edge behind along the dotted line.

Check out the stylish tuxedo doll made by using the kusudama folding technique. Dear Crafters Today I have a Tuxedo card fold with a tutorial link for you to re-create this yourself. This is bit like the box cards but more of a diamond shape but still folds flat.

3Bring the bottom left corner up and fold it to the right laying the point just to the right of the middle peak 4. Overlap slightly at the bottom. Once finished you can place the.

Add a paper bow tie as a place name. Dont fold it evenly in half. Then tuck the bottom under the napkin followed by both sides.

That being said if you feel you are a true origami folding finger aerobatic champion then check out this video to learn how to fold a complex 3D man wearing a ruffled tuxedo. Start with the napkin prefolded as a triangle. If you opt for a pre-made tuxedo then the process for ensuring a proper fit is two-fold.

Fold the remaining right side of the pocket square straight over to the left. Tuxedo Fold Card with Tutorial using Stampin Up. Turn right shoulder inside out then tuck left shoulder into the right.

If youre familiar with Mad Men then youve seen how much a hadnkerchief or pocket square can do to add dimensions to your suit jacket. In this tutorial we paired our Botanica Napkin and Bari Placemat to create a festive and elegant tablesetting. Step 1 Place the handkerchief down flat on a hard surface.

Fold in half lengthwise then fold horizontally. View 5 Pocket square folding techniques Anna Kuhn Jims Formal Wear Marketing Coordinator shows you FIVE different methods of folding a pocket square to accompany your tuxedo or suit ensemble. However much you want to stick out of your pocket determines how much you fold.

Tuck the long edge under to make the collar. Fiddle with the collar so it isnt flat. Bring the left side over to the right.

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